Nervos 2020: past, present and future


​​Nervos 2020: past, present and future
In the twinkling of an eye, nervos has entered the fourth year since the establishment of the project:

  • In 2018, nervos projectProject establishment
  • In 2019, nervos officiallyBroken shell
  • In 2020, nervos will have a newBreach
  • In 2021,be fully equipped for

Yes, in the past 12 months, nervos has made many achievements and reached many milestones, which has fully paved the way for entering 2021.

2020 Q1

In the first quarter of 2020, we announced the establishment of a grant fund of US $30 million to help developers develop on CKB. Soon, we attracted applications from dozens of projects andThe first batch of applications for the following eight grant projects were approved

  • Obsidian Labs
  • ABC Wallet
  • Summa
  • SECBit Labs
  • Obsidian Systems
  • Synapse
  • Lay2
  • GrowFi

There are multipleWallet supportCKB:

  • ABC Wallet
  • Cobo Wallet
  • imToken
  • Bitpie
  • Hoo Wallet

In the first quarter, we also conducted some keyTechnical update and cooperationTo further promote the application of nervos:

  • Join the cross chain group
  • Publish Animagus
  • Publish consensus algorithm overlord
  • Release fire coin financial public chain test network

2020 Q2

In the second quarter, we took a big step in nervos’s development tools. To make the developer experience better, we launched Polyjuice, Lumos and capsule.

Capsule provides a solution to build CKB scripts using rust programming language;
Lumos designed on CKB provides a framework based on JavaScript / typescript, which can greatly speed up the development of DAPP;
Polyjuice is an Ethereum solution on CKB. People can migrate their existing dapps running on Ethereum to CKB with minimal changes.

In the second quarter, nervos became the first partner of blockchain service network (BSN);

In addition, the cooperation with the blockchain engineering team cryptape and Huobi group helped promote our growth in the first half of last year, and leapdao became our ninth grant plan approved project.

2020 Q3

In the third quarter, we launched more powerful developer tools, such asForce Bridge。 Force bridge is a cross link bridge that allows dapps and users on Ethereum to access CKB; Nervos launched the cklabs program to support passionate and thoughtful teams to develop user-centered projects on nervos CKB.

More progress is the integration with coinbase Rosetta, which simplifies the blockchain and further integrates; And announced a partnership with the grin community to integrate grin’s underlying privacy technologies.
In addition, we have entered into partnerships with a number of projects:

  • HRXO
  • Chainlink
  • Band
  • HedgeTrade
  • Linear
  • Trail of Bits

2020 Q4

In the fourth quarter, nervos made a lot of progress that can’t be missed. We have reached a long-term cooperative relationship with the global blockchain company and iohk, the technology development company of Cardano blockchain, and are jointly committed to reducing the security risks brought by smart contracts to the growing defi field;

We have also cooperated with Morpheus labs and arweave, and integrated with husd, taking the first step towards a stable currency: once launched on nervos, users can deposit US dollars in their stable universal account and receive husd in their optional encrypted asset wallet at a ratio of 1:1. The integration is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021;

With the growth of stable currency, bitpie builds a stable currency bridge between Ethereum and CKB. This integration introduces stable currency into CKB for the first time. It is one of the most important infrastructures for applications such as defi and payment;
Nervos community throughCOFFEEIt shows the power of sudt to the world. Coffee can exchange coffee at Starbucks;

We launchedGliaDex, the first unidapp on nervos, as a demonstration of interoperability 2.0, also opens the potential for nervos to further develop defi;

In the fourth quarter, the insight team advanced CKB mining infrastructure was funded by the nervos grant developer fund.

In 2020, a lot of our work will focus onUniversal passThis is a brand solution provided by nervos for next-generation interoperability. In November, we unveiled this at an online event held on cointegraph, where co-founder Kevin Wang explained in detail the current interoperability issues and what nervos is doing to surpass the existing interoperability we know.

Past, present and future

In the short 12 months of 2020, we have made all these achievements at a fast pace, which makes us look forward to nervos’s 2021. Soon, we will enter the fourth year since the establishment of the project. In order to review the milestones achieved by nervos in the previous three years and better look forward to 2021, we have just updated our official website( )The footprints of nervos in these four years are shown in.You are also invited to witness nervos 2021 with us and contribute to the project and community development💪

Nervos 2020: past, present and future
Nervos 2020: past, present and future

Nervos 2021 detailed roadmap will be released soon, please look forward to

Nervos 2020: past, present and future