Necessary third-party framework for Android project


Common necessities

1. [screen adaptation]The ultimate version of today’s headline screen adaptation scheme is an extremely low-cost Android screen adaptation scheme
2. [skin changing, UI, tools]Tencent/QMUI_ Android: UI library to improve Android UI development efficiency (GitHub. Com)
3. [rxbus messaging]AndroidKnife/RxBus: Event Bus By RxJava. (
4. [agentweb WebView encapsulated]Justson/AgentWeb: AgentWeb is a powerful library based on Android WebView. (
5. [androidutilcode tools]AndroidUtilCode/ at master · Blankj/AndroidUtilCode (
6. [camera album easyphotos]Huantansheng / easyphotos: compatible with Android 11 and Android 10, camera photography, photo album selection (single / multiple selection), folder picture selection (single / multiple selection), video selection, video picture multi type complex selection, each interface intelligently adapts according to the color of the status bar, the font color of the status bar changes to dark or light color, intelligently adapts the immersive status bar according to the use scene, and internally processes the runtime permission, It supports all picture loading frame libraries such as glass / Picasso / imageloader. It has a custom UI camera album picture browsing selector with default checked pictures and can be filled with custom advertisements; There is also a framework library of Android bitmap image processing tools with many bitmap image editing functions, such as puzzles / text Stickers / maps / image scaling / bitmap images, adding watermarks / updating media files to media libraries. (
7. [universal adapter]CymChad/BaseRecyclerViewAdapterHelper: BRVAH:Powerful and flexible RecyclerAdapter (
8. [xpopu pop-up]li-xiaojun/XPopup: XPopup2. Version 0 is coming, with more than twice the performance improvement, bringing considerable animation performance optimization and interaction details!!! Powerful, elegant interaction, animation silky general pop-up window! It can replace dialog, popupwindow, PopupMenu, bottomsheet, drawerlayout, spinner and other components. It comes with more than a dozen good animations and supports complete UI and animation customization! (Powerful and Beautiful Popup for Android,can absolutely replace Dialog,PopupWindow,PopupMenu,BottomSheet,DrawerLayout,Spinner. With built-in animators , very easy to custom popup view.) (
9.【AndroidPicker】Gzu Liyujiang / androidpicker: Android selector class library, including date and time selector (which can be used for birth date, business hours, etc.), single selector (which can be used for gender, nationality, occupation, education, constellation, etc.), two-level and three-level linkage selector (which can be used for license plate number, fund fixed investment date, etc.), city address selector (divided into provincial, prefecture, municipal, district and county levels) Digital selector (can be used for age, height, weight, temperature, etc.), calendar selector (can be used for hotel and air ticket reservation date), color selector, file and directory selector, picture selector, etc… wheelpicker / datepicker / TimePicker / optionpicker / numberpicker / linkagepicker / addresspicker / carnumberpicker / calendarpicker / colorpicker / filepicker / imagepicker, etc. (GitHub. Com)
10. [super simple component animation]daimajia/AndroidViewAnimations: Cute view animation collection. (
11. [super cow calendar control]Huanghaibin dev / calendarview: an elegant, universal custom UI, IOS like, vertical and horizontal switching, week view, custom week start, high-performance calendar control on Android, and UI customization through hot plug! It supports various display modes such as marking, custom color, lunar calendar, custom month view, etc. Canvas drawing is fast and takes up low memory. You really can’t imagine that the calendar can be so elegant! An elegant, highly customized and high-performance Calendar Widget on Android. (

The following are not commonly used

1. [oblique text label with position and color can be set]HeZaiJin/SlantedTextView: Android slanted TextView. (
2. [rotation chart]BannerViewPager/ at master · zhpanvip/BannerViewPager (
3. [bottom drawable drawer]Flipboard/bottomsheet: Android component which presents a dismissible view from the bottom of the screen (
4. [imitation wechat location selection]Select the basic framework of dlgee: http, etc
5. [Bluetooth development]Jasonchenlijian/FastBle: Android Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Fast Development Framework. It uses simple ways to filter, scan, connect, read ,write, notify, readRssi, setMTU, and multiConnection. (

Third party websites

1. [hongruan face recognition (free)]ArcSoft – make the horizon different
2. [im supporting uniapp Development — Tencent im]Instant messagingFree instant messagingInstant messaging price – Tencent cloud (Tencent. Com)

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