Necessary functions of C + + compiler / editor for OIer (recommended)


(I don’t mean to lead a war. If you have different opinions, you can comment on the speech of the District, just write down my current situation.)
As a C + + OIer, I must have used dev, because I have no way to recommend it. We all know that dev is ugly and has no code completion, but it is the most suitable for OIer. Why do you say that although dev is painful, it is the most practical? We talked about our title. I’ll look at a few important features, and then a few common editors on the market.

Essential functions / features


There is nothing more important than this. The computer room is used in the school. Although every computer has a dev, if you have your own computer and need to install a very large software, it will definitely make everyone feel painful.

Easy to operate

As far as I know, almost on the market, the appearance is OK, the function is more complete, whether it is heavyweight, lightweight are to carry on the configuration of egg pain, and in the future, there should be some restrictions. All I know is that it’s easy to runFalcon C++andDev_C++It’s too late. As for why Falcon C + + is not as good as dev, I will talk about it later.

The shortcut key is complete

Dev has done a better job in this aspect, such asCtrl+DandCtrl+EIf I don’t have these two shortcut keys, I will feel very uncomfortable. I won’t say what these two shortcut keys do (in fact, they are copying lines and deleting lines).

Zoom freely

By the way, this is the very important point of why falcon is not used before. Falcon can’t scale freely. Basically, we do general topics, and the code line limit is generally more than 1000 characters. So whether we can zoom or not determines whether we can edit the code comfortably. It’s important for us!

Code completion

In fact, the code completion function is dispensable for OIer. After all, we still need to exercise our code ability instead of just doing problems (although improving code ability is to do problems), but it’s not so important (but it’s still very important.

Compare editors on the market


What I strongly recommend is the configuration of egg pain. Although I have successfully configured it, there are still many limitations. (for example, the name can’t have spaces) so this has let me know. Although I have a very high-quality interface and excellent code completion function, I still give up.


It’s similar to sublime, but it’s bigger than sublime, and the configuration is more painful.


Big, let me wait for flowers to thank.


The interface is a little bit better than dev (I don’t know if it’s good because dev has been used for a long time for a change), and then there’s no need to configure it. The size is similar to dev, and the code completion is also available. The code structure display is better than dev. The disadvantage is that you can’t zoom in and out! In addition, there are two shortcut keys missing, which makes me use dev again. But I don’t think the shortcut key is very important. I can use falcon. In fact, I recommend using falcon.


I haven’t used it. I don’t know. Let me know in the comments area. I heard that the interface is very beautiful.


I haven’t used it.

So that’s why I now think that dev is not so bad. Why do you make some oiers so… In fact, it’s because he’s ugly. But the school has a conscience.

In fact, any editor used for a long time will be very easy.

Blue highlights, rounded code.


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