Navicat premium connection mysql 8.0 error error 10061 and error1130 problem


The latest version of mysql navicat premium was installed yesterday, but I didn't have time to test the connection using Navicat.

At work today, when I use Navicat premium to connect to mysql, I get an error ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '1XX.XX.XX.XX' (10061).

At first I thought that mysql was not installed successfully, so I went to check whether mysql was successfully installed in the server.

Use the following command:

First enter the mysql installation directory

execute mysql -u root -p

Enter login password

Execute show databases; (must enter;)


From the above results, mysql has been successfully installed.

Next, Baidu collected a bunch of information about ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '1XX.XX.XX.XX' (10061). There are three kinds of information:

1. mysql service not started

In the service, you can check whether mysql is started. My mysql has been started, so rule out the reason.

2. The server firewall blocks port 3306

How does Baidu check whether the server firewall blocks port 3306, but port 3306 is not blocked.

3. The problem of bind-address = in the my.ini configuration file

After I changed bind-address = to bind-address =, I found that the error 10061 was still reported. Then I blocked bind-address =, and still reported 10061 error. I checked a lot of information, and I went back and forth on these three solutions. I have modified them, why it doesn't work. Until I restarted the mysql server again and connected again, I finally did not report the 10061 error. oh, my god! Brothers and sisters, after modifying bind-address, write one more sentenceRestart the mysql service,How will it be. Well, the 10061 problem is solved here.


However, the 10061 error does not appear, and the 1130 error appearsERROR 1130: Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Okay, who told me to use Navicat to connect to mysql, how can I fix it, and continue to modify it.

Another bunch of information from Baidu, and then I tried a bunch of solutions, and finally I know the reason: only the local machine accesses mysql, and any other machine cannot access it. Requires setting to allow remote machine access.

The user table in the mysql database in the database server has no permissions (nor does root have permissions).

1) First log in to root on the mysql server, and then switch to the mysql database


2) Execute

update user set host ='%' where user='root';

   flush privileges;

3) Restart the mysql service, restart the mysql service, restart the mysql service, the important thing, say it three times.

Finally, use Navicat to connect, showing that the connection is successful!

Finally solved it. . . . . .