Navicat for SQL Server V15 Chinese version detailed installation and activation tutorial (including registration machine)


Navicat for SQL Server 15It is a third-party SQL Server management tool developed by Navicat company. It can provide a comprehensive graphical solution for SQL Server database management and development. It can quickly and easily create, edit and delete all database objects, or run SQL queries and scripts, so as to help users better manage and design SQL server.

The new version also designs a new mechanism to improve the user experience of SQL creation tools and the overall efficiency of query writing. At the same time, a new data transfer method is added, which can be used to customize the fields and specify the rows to be transferred. Also added a dark mode, set a dark theme, can promote your eyes. In addition, with the addition of native Linux support, you can enjoy an interface more compatible with the user experience of Linux system.

PS: we provide it hereRegistration activation installation tutorial for Navicat for SQL Server 15, with registration machine download, can be perfect activation software, detailed installation tutorial please refer to this article reference steps, for reference only!

Software name:
Navicat for SQL Server 15 v15.0.11 Chinese free activation Version (with registration machine + installation tutorial) 32 / 64 bit
Software size:
Update time:
2020-03-19Download now

Installation tutorial:

Before installing the software, please disconnect, disconnect, disconnect!

1. Download and unzip the installation package in our website, and get 32-bit and 64 bit Navicat for SQL Server 15 Chinese original program and patch cracking file, as shown in the figure below

2. In this case, double-click “catnavi file” for example_ sqlserver_ Cs_ X64. Exe “, install the software according to the prompt;

3. After successful installation, do not open the software and register the machine file “Navicat”_ Keygen_ Patch_ v5.6_ By_ DFoX.exe ”Copy to the software installation directory;
Default directory [C: program files / premiersoft / Navicat 15 for SQL Server]

4. Register the machine as an administrator, select Navicat V15, product select SQL server, language select simplified Chinese, and then click the patch button. Be careful not to select the wrong version, as shown below:

5. At this time, open the software and click the registration button;

6. Return to the registration machine and click generate to automatically write the registration code;

7. Then click the activation button and click manual activation;

8. Copy the request value to the register machine to generate the activation code;

9. Finally, copy the activation code to the software box to activate the software. The above is the detailed installation tutorial of Navicat for SQL Server 15 Chinese cracked version.

New features of Navicat for SQL Server 15

1. Chart
Convert your database data into visual objects to get a clear view through charts.
2. Data transmission
Version 15 released a new method of data transmission, the new design has an intuitive interface, which can be used to customize fields and specify the line software for transmission.
3. SQL creation tool
We designed a new mechanism to improve the user experience of SQL creation tools and the overall efficiency of query writing.
4. Model
With sophisticated database design and model creation tools, the database can be visualized and edited.
5. Dark mode
Version 15 updates support dark mode, set a dark set theme, and protect your eyes from the traditional dazzling computer white.
6. Native Linux
Version 15 adds native Linux support, and you can enjoy an interface that matches the user experience of Linux.

The above is the detailed tutorial on the installation and activation of Navicat for SQL Server V15, which is summarized by developeppaer! Welcome to continue to pay attention to developeppaer related software tutorial information!