Navicat For MySQL Simple Use Tutorial


1. The premise is that MySQL database must be installed first (see previous article for installing MySQL database under Mac)

2. Installing Navicat

3. Click on the top left corner of navicate: Connect – > MySQL – > Pretest link. If the link is successful, you can fill in the name of the connection and click on the link.

Double-click on the connection you just created and there are four databases

Use naVicate’s command line to see how many databases there are under this connection: first select the tool on the connection – > navigation bar – > command line interface, then a command window – > input: show databases; (Note that there must be a semicolon later)

Use the relevant database: use test;

New database: create database xxx; or right-click on the connection to select a new database. Note: If there is no selected character set at the time of creation, the system will default to the character set at the time of installation (utf8). Now the character set is generally the selected utf8.

See how many tables are under the database: show tables;

View table structure: desc table name

Delete a database: drop database database database name

Create a new database: create database database database name

1. Enter a database: use xxx;

2.create table student (id BIGINT , name VARCHAR(20),age INT);

If database keywords are used in the table.

For example, create a new order form: (order), but order is the key word in the database (sorting).

Table name: t_order, if the cost uses the word order. At this time use the reverse (`) enclosed, `order’.

Delete table: drop table student;

When creating tables with tools: move to the next space (tab)

Modify the table: First select the table, then right-click to select the design table


The above is a simple use of Navicat For MySQL tutorial introduced by Editor Xiaobian. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please leave me a message. Editor Xiaobian will reply to you in time!

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