Native pure Boot scaffolding


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Project Introduction

The SpringBoot\_v2 project is an extremely delicate scaffolding that strives to build the springboot framework. Includes a nice front desk. No other miscellaneous functions, original and pure. A framework that is free and open source, fully annotated, and fully documented, suitable for novice learning and convenient for rapid secondary development.


No basic version, no VIP version, no paid group, no paid QR code

Follow the true meaning of open source, all free is true open source

Project screenshot

Native pure Boot scaffolding

Warehouse screenshot

Native pure Boot scaffolding

Screenshot of background login

Native pure Boot scaffolding

Console main page

Native pure Boot scaffoldingCustom 404 page

Native pure Boot scaffolding

Global configuration

database model

Native pure Boot scaffolding


Deployment process

  1. Import springbootv2.sql in the doc folder to the database
  2. Confirm your mysql version and modify the jar in lines 73-84 of pom.xml
  3. Modify the jdbc link corresponding to your own database version in application-dev.yml
  4. Start normally run

project address…\_v2

at last

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