mysql8. 0.23 MSI installation super detailed tutorial


1、 Download MySQL and install MySQL

Download MySQL database from the official website
Download link address on the official website:


Install MySQL
2.1 click Run


2.2 select custom installation and click next


2.3 add MySQL servers to the right. Step 5: change the installation path. The head iron is not afraid of warning, so don’t be afraid


2.4 then go to the next step and set the password here. If you can’t remember, you’ll be cool (I can only do it again)


2.5 until finish

2、 Environment configuration

1. Two environment variables need to be configured here
1.1 create a new system variable MySQL_ The home variable value is the MySQL installation path you changed above
1.2 edit path and add a variable value% MySQL_ HOME%\bin

3、 Test whether MySQL environment variables are configured properly

1. Win + R, enter CMD and press enter

2. Enter MySQL – U root – P, enter, and then enter your own password to log in to the database


4、 Uninstall MySQL

1. Find: MySQL installer – Community (usually in the start menu). Just go to the next step


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