Mysql8.0.11 winx64 installation and configuration tutorial


MySQL 8.0.11 winx64 installation tutorial records are as follows, to share with you

1. Import the database installation package, create a new folder (MySQL), and unzip the installation package into the MySQL folder

2. Configure environment variablesLike JDK, go in, select the path editor, add the MySQL directory (note that there is an English semicolon), and then confirm the three.

3. Initialization profile my.ini

#3307 port settings
#Set MySQL installation directory
Basedir = C: \ \ \ MySQL \ \ mysql-8.0.11-winx64 ා remember to use double slashes here. I will make mistakes here, but if you look at other people's tutorials, some of them are single slashes. Try it yourself
#Set the storage directory of MySQL database data
DataDir = C: \ \ MySQL \ \ mysql-8.0.11-winx64 \ \ data
#Maximum number of connections allowed
#The number of times connection failures are allowed. This is to prevent someone from trying to attack the database system from the host
#The character set used by the server is utf8 by default
#The default storage engine that will be used when creating a new table
#"MySQL" is used by default_ native_ "Password" plug-in authentication
#Setting the default character set of MySQL client
#Set the default port used by MySQL client when connecting to the server

Put the file in the MySQL directory

MySQL installation

Enter CMD as administrator (right click)

First CD to MySQL bin directory

Wei When inputting the above command, vcruntime140.ddl will be lost due to system reasons, and then you need to go to the Internet to download a Microsoft runtime. (this step is due to the personal system, not all of them will appear)

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Solution to the loss of vcruntime140.dll in computer

Unzip the installation, double-click, and then go on to finish.

After the installation is completed, continue to enter the command just now, and the following content appears. Remember the initial password.

5. Start MySQL

6. Testing

installation is complete

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