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Welcome to the students interested in MySQL to complete this meaningful project: the complete works of MySQL Refinement_ Resource

Official information

Official MySQL documents

MySQL Server Blog

MariaDB’s document on Query Optimization


Basic Edition:
*MySQL must know and know
*Database system concept
Advanced Edition:
*High performance mysql (3rd Edition)
*MySQL technology insider (4th Edition)
*Inside of MySQL technology InnoDB storage engine
*MySQL performance tuning and architecture design
*Understanding MySQL in depth
*The way to cultivate MySQL DBA
*The art of database query optimizer
*MySQL operation and maintenance internal reference
* 《Effective MySQL:Optimizing SQL Statements》
*The art of database transaction processing
*Transaction processing concepts and technologies
*MySQL DBA work notes

God blog

He Dengcheng, he Dengcheng’s technical blog(ALI database expert)

Taobao dingqi wind seeking blade · dingqi – iteye technology website

Zhou Zhenxing @ Taobao flower name: a story of SuPu @ MySQL DBA

Orczhou’s blog

Jeremy Cole’s blog

That Hai Lan Lan’s blog

Taobao monthly

mysql_ Love’s blog

Unofficial optimization document

Outstanding official account

We are all little frogs

Zhang Jingjin (MySQL)

DBAplus community (official account of database professional)

Learning notes of Yang Jianrong

Learning website

Novice MySQL tutorial

MySQL Tutorial

Free course of Alibaba cloud UniversityIntroduction to MySQL databaseMySQL advanced applications index and lock

Moocnet free video tutorial

Excellent column

Gold DiggingsHow MySQL works: understanding MySQL from the root(highly recommended, cheap and easy to understand, one of the best columns at present)

Geek time column:MySQL actual combat 45(Ding Qi’s column, a lot of dry goods)

Excellent articles

A picture to understand the explanation of MySQL

A picture to understand the locking mechanism of MySQL

Summary of MySQL knowledge points

Summary of database transaction and MySQL transaction

Summary of MySQL (cache, index, explain, transaction, redo log, etc.)

I thought I knew the MySQL index well until I met Ali’s interviewer

Tencent interview: what are the reasons for the slow execution of a SQL statement? Don’t watch regret series

Do you know that MySQL limit has performance problems

Database interview questions (developers must see)

Back end programmer must: flow chart / schematic diagram of MySQL database

Two great artifact of database: index and lock

My guest, here is a reading note of MySQL must know must know. Please accept it!

“Gold three silver four” Interviewer: talk about the acid of affairs, what is dirty reading, fantasy reading?

Recommended collection! Summary of important knowledge points / interview questions of MySQL

Is not a select count statement? It can be abused by the interviewer

A rare practice of sub database and sub table

MySQL specification

Interview (why should MySQL index choose B + tree)

This SQL problem can definitely make you understand MySQL better!

MySQL community specification database

MySQL safe haven – an open source tool from Xiaomi

Detailed summary of MySQL

MySQL index and SQL tuning

MySQL optimization principle

MySQL optimization interview

1000 lines of MySQL commands

MySQL optimization

19 MySQL optimizations commonly used in the project

MySQL command, an article for you to complete all

Understanding MySQL transactions from the root

MySQL quickly creates tens of millions of test data

Why do developers have to understand database locks?

A strange process of checking deadlock in online database

How to design a high concurrency architecture with 100000 queries per second

How does a SQL statement execute in MySQL

Deep understanding of distributed transactions

Notes on million level MySQL data migration

The knowledge of MySQL and interview FAQs are here

“MySQL optimization topic” index optimization manual that programmers can use for interview (5) [key points of interview]

MySQL daily guidance, and large table optimization ideas

Problems and solutions of MySQL in concurrent scenarios

Thoroughly understand the isolation level of MySQL transactions

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