MySQL – getting to know MySQL


1.1 why use database

Database (store data)
Txt, Excel, word can also store data, but there are many limitations.
Database is the most core existing DBA in all software systems

Operating system, data structure and algorithm must be well understood

1.2 what is database

Database (DB, database)
Concept: data warehouse,Software, installed on the operating system, can store a lot of data. Five million!
Function: store data, manage data

1.3 database classification

Relational databaseGenerally speaking, it is row and column (SQL)

  • MySQL,Orable,Sql Server,DB2,SQLlite
  • Through the relationship between tables, rows and columns to store data.

Non relational database: roughly{ key:value }(NoSQL,Not Only SQL)

  • Redis,MongoDB
  • Non relational database, object storage, through the object’s own properties to determine.

DBMS (database management system)

  • Database management software, scientific and effective management of our data. Maintain and acquire data;
  • Mysql, database management system!

1.4 introduction to MySQL

MySQL is aRelational database management system
Former: Swedish MySQL AB company.
After: data is owned by Oracle.
MySQL is one of the best RDBMS (relational database management system) application software.
Open source database software.
Small size, fast speed, low total cost of ownership.
Small and medium sized websites, or large websites (clusters)
Official website:MySQL official website
5.7 stability

1.5 install MySQL

Here I’m taking the MAC installation process as an example, and the installed version is 8.0.2
Installation process:Configuring MySQL on MAC

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