Mysql database — basic knowledge of database


Database: Database     Abbreviation: DB

Database definition


The database is a warehouse for storing and managing data. The database stores data according to a specific format, just like we store files on the hard disk. The files stored on the hard disk are accessed by stream, while the data in the database can be added, deleted and modified by SQL statements

Characteristics of database


1. Persistent storage of data. In fact, a database is a file system

2. Convenient storage and management of data

3. Using a unified SQL statement to operate the database

Common database


MySQLOracle, an open source and free database, has been acquired by Oracle. Mysql6. X is also charging. Later, sun acquired mysql, and sun was acquired by Oracle

Oracle: Oracle, commercial software for charging, suitable for large e-commerce websites

DB2: IBM Corporation, the database product of charge. It is often used in banking system

SQL ServerMicrosoft is usually used for government websites, medium-sized databases charged by companies, and SQL server is usually used in university teaching. Graphical tools are good, and C #,. Net and other languages are often used

SQLite: embedded small database, applied in mobile terminal, such as Android

MariadbIt is a branch of the open source version of MySQL. Basically, all commands are the same