Mybatis query paging – using the PageHelper plug-in


Mybatis query paging – using the PageHelper plug-in

Previously, in Spring + spring MVC, since the whole configuration is mostly XML, paging is required after using spring boot,
I also hope to reduce the configuration of XML and create many paging related classes. I found itpageHelperThis plug-in,
Paging is very convenient

Page class

Create a new page < T > to receive paging information

 * @Author xuelongjiang
public class Page<T> {

    private Integer pageNo = 0;

    private Integer pageSize = 10;

    private T t;

    public Integer getPageNo() {
        return pageNo;

    public void setPageNo(Integer pageNo) {
        this.pageNo = pageNo;

    public Integer getPageSize() {
        return pageSize;

    public void setPageSize(Integer pageSize) {
        this.pageSize = pageSize;

    public T getT() {
        return t;

    public void setT(T t) {
        this.t = t;

Introduce dependency


Add PageHelper configuration to springboot properties file

The YML (highly readable, less keyboard typing, and take care of our lovely keyboard ^ – ^) is used here,

        helperDialect: mysql
         reasonable: true

Paging with PageHelper

Public pageinfo < answerquestiondto > answerandquestiondetailbypage (page < answerquestiondto > page) {// wrap our class with page protection

        PageHelper.startPage(page.getPageNo(),page.getPageSize());// Set paging related values
        List<AnswerQuestionDTO> answerQuestionDTOList = answerAndQuestionDao.answerAndQuestionDetailList(page.getT());// query
        PageInfo<AnswerQuestionDTO> pageInfo = new PageInfo<>(answerQuestionDTOList);// Wrap as paging results
        return pageInfo;

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Mybatis query paging - using the PageHelper plug-in

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