My weapon


Introduce yourself and your work

Computer major No.1 student (NLP direction, Python is widely used)
Besides reading papers in class, I like to think about PHP and C in my spare time#

What hardware are you using?

  1. Paper and penPaper and pen should be the oldest and simplest hardware. When brainstorming, I like to write and draw on paper with a pen. Every time I want to write an article, I will use a pen to draw an outline mind map on paper. After the drawing is almost done, I will transfer it to the computer, and then I will take a picture of the mind map and transfer it to the article directory for saving. There are also various paper handouts and so on, which can be printed as much as possible, so that I can take notes on paper while reading. As for why there are so many convenient electronic devices that need paper and pen, I think it’s easier to concentrate and more efficient to write on paper with pen, and it’s OK to write and draw if you want. There’s no limit. Thinking is free.

  2. Computer: MBP15 low configuration for self use, laboratory machine Lenovo ThinkCentre (host) + Lenovo thinkvision (display), i7-4790, 8g memory, 1t hard disk.

  3. Mobile phone: millet 2S

  4. A 288 ocean lift chair purchased by baozi (the chair in the laboratory hasn’t been replaced for many years)

What about software?


  • Windows 10: the same level of hardware is comparable to OSX, so there is no pressure for academic development

  • Chrome browser plug in

    • Wikihand: a tool for beautifying Wikipedia’s interface. Viewing wiki has become a kind of enjoyment

      Before use:

      My weapon

    After use:

    My weapon

    • Replace Google CDN: replace Google CDN with that of China University of science and technology

    • Crxmouse chrome gestures: features include mouse gestures, super drag, wheel gestures, rocker gestures, smooth scrolling, tab lists, etc

    • Proxy switchyomega: easily and quickly manage and switch multiple proxy settings, with SS, YouTube without pressure

    • Impression notes · scissor collection: use the impression notes extension program to save the wonderful webpage content to the impression notes account with one click, and you can also take screenshots and notes. It’s the only way to collect data

  • Visual studio 2015: Microsoft has offered such a good ide for free. It usually uses more C ා

  • Sublime text 3: vs is sometimes too heavy. It’s better to edit a single file or St. in addition, ST3 can be opened in seconds! (this is the key)

  • Launch: Launch artifact comparable to the spotlight of OSX, open various applications in seconds

  • Listary: an all-purpose file manipulation artifact beyond spotlight, which is used to open files

  • Flu. X: protect your eyesight from me (generally I will adjust the color temperature higher according to the brightness of the environment)

  • Adsafe: software to remove malicious ads, so I don’t have to install plug-ins in every browser

  • Potplayer: let me find the feeling of watching video under OSX

  • Mark Feixiang: mark down writing impression notes

OS X 10.11

  • Sublime text 3: required editor

  • Mark Feixiang: mark down writing impression notes

I’ve tried a lot to watch YouTube software. In the end, SS is true love. Although it costs a lot of money, it’s good to see the world unobstructed

What is your ideal working environment

Facing the sea, spring blossoms, a table, a cup of tea, a pen, a computer, a person

How do you usually get inspiration for your work?

Third, on the bus, on the toilet, on the road, I really can’t think of it.

As for why it’s on the bus, the school is a little far away from the city, and I’m a person who doesn’t like to stay in a place all the time, so I often go to the city at the end of each week to participate in lectures and other activities. I can’t do anything on the bus (even if I play mobile phone, listen to music and watch video). I just remember the problems I met and what I got. I didn’t say that I had to come up with a result. I gradually formed a habit. However, every time I do this, I can finally come up with some new ideas and conclusions. It feels good!

Recommend a sharp tool in life to you

Xiaomi bracelet, really, don’t think that it can only record running and sleeping. In fact, it can flexibly use alarm clock and notification and reminder functions, and then install a virtual call and virtual SMS on the mobile phone to build a powerful time management system. The only drawback is that there is no display screen.

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