My personal blog website — love style


My personal blog website -- love style

This is my first time to write an article here. You can bypass it by yourself!

From registering domain name to deploying server last year, the website has been running for more than 270 days. I have learned a lot from my ignorance at the beginning to my independent completion of front and back coding

Domain name application:
Baidu cloud

Virtual host:
Jing’an network

Website content:
It mainly focuses on the front-end. In the later stage, uni app will be added to share my opinions on the front-end work. It specially sets up the utility module. If you need help, you can go to this module

Use technology:
Front end: H5 + CSS3 + JS + bootstrap
Backend: PHP + MySQL

Responsive development:
1. Using bootstrap framework for responsive development
2. Font image size use rem
3. Mobile terminal adapts to use @ media query to set different styles for different screen sizes

My personal blog website -- love style
It doesn’t look very good. After all, there are few functions, just adding, modifying and deleting articles
Using technology: bootstrap + PHP + MySQL