My little sister’s way to become a farmer


My little sister's way to become a farmer

My little sister’s life track after 20 years old is Bao Yan Zhibo, drop out of school, Ma Nong

Baoyan drop out

It’s not because I’m a Xueba that I can guarantee my research. It’s because no one studied this major during the university period. Since I was poor at home, I became used to studying for scholarships, so I still firmly held my GPA. Zhibo is more like a decision with a fever in the head. The reason is that I am used to doing nothing when I am in University. It seems that I have made a profit to change my Ph.D. after studying for two more years. If you let me evaluate myself at that time, I am absolutely ignorant and love to make..

I worked hard for one year as a graduate student, because I finally began to have the goal I wanted in my life when I was a senior. I wanted to go abroad very much at that time. So when I began to go to graduate school, I repeatedly gnawed at various professional books, papers, etc. There is no icing on the cake effect, because the graduate students also changed their professional direction a little bit, and it was almost when they dropped out that they felt that half a foot might have entered. Of course, I dropped out because I was in the Department of materials in Tiankeng. When I went to graduate school, I was in a bad state. My life and study were in a mess, and I didn’t beat me. It didn’t matter that I was assigned to a small frontier city by my tutor’s plan, but the damned experiment was too poisonous. It was useless to take the gas mask I bought. It was a time when I couldn’t help crying every day.

Later a voice said, drop out, try to be a yard farmer. At the beginning, my heart refused, but I couldn’t help searching for all kinds of code farmers’ information at night. It gives me a lot of confidence. I don’t think I can really become a Programmer Engineer, but I think it’s better than one day when there is no way out.

But I only learned VB when I was so big, and I have no confidence to find a job only by online video tutorial. I went to a training institution in Shenzhen. Although I had tens of thousands of loans on my back, my happiness was self-evident when I went from the drug experiment to the blue sky and white clouds in Shenzhen for almost a whole year. Although the courses of training institutions insult the tuition fees, they provide me with an environment for direct help and brainwashing.

Work twists and turns

I started looking for a job. I didn’t learn anything at that time. I say HashMap design pattern, but I can’t write any design pattern code. Now I even suspect crud didn’t understand it at that time.

At that time, we met four, but it seems that we still got three. Because it’s not a good company that can give me an interview. I’d like to meet again, but the training institutions are also afraid that the ducks will run away. What can they do if they have no money to pay their debts.

In this way, I joined a gray industry spinach company, and the income of one day depends on several development contributions of the project team. I can only thank my ignorance and luck. During the probation period, they opened me up because I had nothing to do for a month. And then they went out of business.

The second job is a turning point for Aunt crud. Finally, I came to a start-up company with some technology. I think the technology is because I don’t know the questions they ask.. At that time, I honestly said that I didn’t like to talk about dreams, I love to watch popular science, and then I was rejected on the spot.. But I called again two days later. What’s Auntie’s face? She immediately pushed off other outsourcing P2P offers.

The probation period was also extremely difficult, and I spent almost the first half of the month fighting Maven. After half a month of construction, we were always unsuccessful, and we didn’t have the ability to find the right answer from the Internet at that time. I’ve been busy with my little friends for half a month, and sometimes I’m too lazy. In addition, let me refactor a new project based on springboot. Some of the original function refactoring projects, such as downloading e-mail, didn’t provide support. The trial period was criticized by the product, and even the development was speechless. The product director later told me that I haven’t seen such a blatant development.. Later, I issued a military order, asking me to write dozens of small demand orders in about half a month. Aunt overtime ahead of time to complete, and finally no longer be gone.

Looking back, these experiences are full of great risks, but at that time, the mood was quite calm. If it’s a big deal, we can start over again. When there is a problem with food and clothing, the only way is to solve the problem. In this way, I still have a good attitude.

In fact, I never forget to improve myself, just like a headless fly in the first year. I know that there is no foundation for my career change, so I want to lay the foundation first.. I’ve bought books like compiler principles / introduction to algorithms, and I haven’t finished the preface of compiler principles until now.. Also bought a Kindle to see the CSAPP, the result looked at on the face.. The book that really helped me at that time might be java8, because the things in this book could be used repeatedly when I was writing code. However, other sweeping learning methods like spring / blog may turn the page without understanding, which brings more psychological comfort.

Later, I finally didn’t want to write and fix bugs all day long, but I really didn’t think I could win the interview. So I began to see “Java Concurrent Programming Practice” and “the art of Java Concurrent Programming”, combined with the online source code analysis article. At the same time, we also know a little about concurrency by copying fragments. I think it’s OK to have an interview.

It’s all by luck to get the third satisfactory job. Thanks to my little brother and the interviewer who pushed me in the technology group. Because this job is too busy for me. Maybe most people don’t want to have nothing to do for a long time, and it is because of this free time that I have more time to improve myself.

At that time, although I didn’t understand some technical concepts very well, I contacted them piecemeal through technical articles and other ways. After the first year of food and clothing, I began to ask myself if I could enter the first and second tier factories in two years. I also have to think about my own situation. I think blogging is one of the few things that can add weight to me.

But at the beginning, I didn’t even read other people’s blogs. But although no one read it, at least let me understand it. I finally overcame my bad habit of turning the page when I couldn’t understand it. I slowly got down to my heart and understood some concepts and principles.

In fact, the most important thing is to clearly understand from the beginning what problems are solved and what is the starting point. Only in this way can we not get lost in the problems or solutions.

I can’t understand the red black tree all the time. One day, I tried to understand it. As a result, I understand the left-hand and right-hand rotation from morning to night, add, search and follow-up, but I just can’t understand the deletion. I don’t understand why there are so many deletions and why specific deletions need to be done in specific steps. In the evening, I have to decide to give up consulting others. We finally realized that the specific deletion step is to maintain the balance of subtrees, such as the concept that the number of black nodes on each subtree must be the same. Then it’s logical to look at each deletion step.

This year, I read the source code of netty / spring series / disconf / zookeeper / canal / redis, and wrote the source code analysis article of zookeeper series. Although it’s the first time to analyze the code in general according to the sequence of code flow, looking back, you will feel that the writing is not clear enough, and even there are some mistakes in some places. But through ZK, I understand the implementation of reactor model based on Java NiO / long connection of heartbeat maintenance / serialization / full and incremental storage of data / Zab protocol / calculator. And these contents can be found by analogy. For example, the wal mechanism of MySQL is also the incremental storage design of data.

Step by step, we need to ask why. Why do I need this design, why do I use this design pattern, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this design pattern, and how can I realize it if I do it… Through continuous questioning, imitation, exercise, thinking and summary, I believe I can improve, and at present I still can’t write good code.

Thanks to ZK, I got an offer from a Bu of Ali, and within three years, I achieved my goal of entering a large factory. When I first went in, I felt relaxed. After I tried my best to finish my job, what’s my next goal. I’ve been in a big factory. I really can’t think of the goal I want. Some people say you have to fight for 375, for P7. But I looked around P7, I don’t want to be like them in the future. It’s not that they don’t have enough money. They do. But I don’t like their work status, and I don’t like the content and status of my work in Ali. Although as long as you want, Ali has the resources to let you learn and make progress.

I know what I don’t want and what I want. I knew how passive I was when I jumped out of Ali, but I did. Along the way, I made a lot of “bad” decisions because of impulse. But only once in my life, I don’t want to hurt myself. Even if the future of my life may be some distress, but there are always ways to improve living.

present situation

Now I am doing my favorite work in a small factory, and I have to write an article every week, which makes me feel enthusiastic, fruitful and stressful.

I have the next goal, but I still don’t want to say it. If I can’t achieve it, I’m not happy. But my ultimate goal is to be a quiet person. Don’t laugh. I’m serious.

My little sister's way to become a farmer

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My little sister's way to become a farmer