My first “game”


Output a bunch of punctuation marks


Before playing tribal conflict, I met a group of children. When chatting in QQ group, I like to brush the screen with punctuation.When you want to do a lot of punctuation output program to show them, and then write the code. This is also my first game,Although it’s very delicious, I still want to send my first blog to commemorate it. Even if I can’t be a big man in the future, I can recall the process of losing my hair when I lose all my hair.

1 #include 
 2 #include 
 3 using namespace std;
 4 int main()
 5 {
 6     cout<>i1;
23         if(
24         {
25             do
26             {
27                 cout<>i2;
29                 if(
30                 {
31                     for(int z = 0 ;z<10000;z++) cout<>i3;
51                 if(!=0)
52                 {
53                     cout<


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