My 2020 summary, I grew up in the year of ants


“Strive to be a positive, optimistic and cheerful person”

Chongqing New Year’s Eve

New year’s day has passed. It’s time to look back on your work and life this year and see how much you have grown. Make another flag in 2021 and strive to realize your dream of financial freedom before the age of 35.



This year, I came to ant to work, and my career entered a new stage. I returned here after many years away from Hangzhou.

After coming, I directly felt all-round pressure, which is still somewhat different from what I thought before coming. Before, you only need to concentrate on writing business or technology, which is relatively easy and comfortable.

What we feel here are all-round requirements for capabilities, including business understanding, technical depth, basic capacity-building, technical risk management and control, business owner awareness, teamwork, self-growth and self-management, product and operation awareness, emotion management, etc.

In the first three months, I did many important projects. Basically, I strengthened self-management in the process of getting familiar with the business and writing code every day, and soon changed from never adapting to adapting.

After many important projects are launched, the data is very bright, and I still agree with the whole team. Although the process is hard, it has grown a lot.


July 31, the first birthday in ant

become a regular worker

Especially during the time when I became a regular respondent, I was a little overwhelmed in preparing business + technology + PPT. The PPT prepared for many days was called back and modified several times, and I felt full of anxiety.

In the process of revising back and forth, I found that PPT is actually a process of my daily accumulation. Only by thinking more and producing more can I write a perfect report naturally.

Finally, he became a regular worker smoothly. Although the process was hard, he gained a lot. Some problems have also been exposed. There is little time invested in technical projects and the system is not enough; For the business owner, the business rhythm is not well controlled.

After that, they began to devote more time and energy to the technology itself and team building, and began to try to land, sort out, monitor, optimize and build robots in the field of end intelligence.


Before bai’a, I often heard my colleagues say that they helped a lot after going to bai’a, and the greatest help to me was to relieve anxiety. The training lasted for 4 days, regardless of business or technology. It was really happy to listen to the big guys.

What I feel is that after I know more friends, I see so many people more anxious than me. After comparison, my mentality is much better, because a group of people are accompanying me.


First prize of Baia team


It has been more than seven months since I joined the company. Thanks to the support and help of my senior brothers, supervisors and colleagues, I have grown up. At present, with the familiarity with the team and the supplement of team human resources, the business pressure has been reduced a lot. Now more is the pressure on how to grow quickly.

At present, I have developed a very suitable time management method to liberate myself from inefficient and repetitive work through tools. As for tools, utools is highly recommended. I really love it.

This year, I read “Silicon Valley growth hacker”. The amount of reading is relatively small. Next year, I will greatly increase the amount of reading. Only by inputting more and outputting more, can I form my own independent thinking and opinions.

龙坞 S2 宣讲

Lecture on S2 technology special planning of Longwu tea village

We media


At the beginning of this year, we completed the development and operation of the “advanced front-end interview” applet

official account

This year’s original is lower than before. We must warn ourselves that the weekend is still too lazy and too easy.

Best partner of Huazhang books

Video Number

This year, we began to try to operate video numbers. At present, there are about 1000 fans and a total of 4 videos have been released. We need to keep updating and start again.


I worked and lived in Shanghai before. After I came to Hangzhou, I began to travel between the two places. Although my work was hard, I was lucky to have a weekend off. I would take the company bus back to Shanghai to accompany my girlfriend on weekends.


In addition to Hangzhou, Shanghai and team outing this year, we have traveled three times and witnessed different customs in Qingdao, Enshi and Chongqing. Unfortunately, we have not exported travel notes. We should strengthen the export next year.


Qingdao Beer Festival Golden Beach walk


Enshi Tusi city 𞓜 climbing the southern Great Wall


Chongqing Hongyadong special style

buy a house

On the lucky day of 1219, I won the lottery for the fourth time on December 19. I am lucky to have the feeling of home in Hangzhou. I will wait patiently for the house to be delivered after 2023, and my life will be better.


The stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and the body is prone to tinnitus and nosebleed. I have caught colds more than 3 times this year. I still need to strengthen exercise and insist on going to bed early and getting up early.

Last year, I hired a private teacher to teach Lu tie for three months. I originally planned to practice my chest and abdominal muscles, but I only learned a fur now because of various reasons. Most of the muscles I practiced before have also been returned.

At present, exercise can be maintained for more than 2 days a week under normal circumstances. However, once it is broken due to various factors, it will take a considerable amount of spiritual construction to continue to exercise. We should still adhere to the exercise.

2021 flag

My book list

Compare the recommended book list, strive to read 80% and output notes

Xiangshuai’s lecture notes on finance, Xu Yuan’s investment class, Silicon Valley iron man, knowledge and practice, from code farmer to craftsman, thinking, fast and slow, and seven habits of high-performance people, Yu Jun’s product methodology, poor Charlie’s classic, principles, values, hubs, flow, self-control, deliberate practice, lifelong growth, lifelong learning, 30 lectures on Liang Ning’s product thinking and 30 lectures on Liang Ning’s growth thinking

What to do

  • Strive to be a positive, optimistic and cheerful person
  • Keep exercising every week and keep plenty of physical strength and energy
  • Continue to make efforts in the field of end intelligence and learn tensorflow.js
  • Multi input, multi output, with their own insights
  • Since the media market data doubled, official account and video number were more original.
  • Travel 3 times and output travel notes

2021, come on

The article is constantly updated. You can search “on wechat”Advanced front end“Read it for the first time and reply to [data] [interview] [resume] there are interview data of front-line large factories prepared by me, this articleGitHub has been included. There are complete test sites and a series of articles for the interview of front-line large factories. Welcome star.

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