Multi node computing decentralized computing network with cross chain support


The Oracle is a bridge between the real world and the blockchain system to realize the exchange of data. Its core function is to transmit data and information. Data is crucial, which requires Oracle products to continuously improve the safety, accuracy and efficiency of data transmission. This is not only the development trend of the field of Oracle, but also the characteristics that we must have in the era of Oracle 3.0.

In Web3 0 blockchain network era, perfect middle tier infrastructure will promote the growth engine of blockchain in the next stage. However, at present, the performance of Oracle networks on the market and the complexity of building applications have deterred many defi dapps. Adam Oracle is committed to changing the current situation and completing the real decentralized Oracle network.

Web 3.0 developers can realize multi node computing and decentralized computing network supported by cross chain through Adam oracle. For the defi application market, consumer customers access to adamorcorporation through smart contracts for price acquisition, obtain more accurate and safe quotations through multi node connection quotation, and realize automatic distributed storage of data. Each feeding price will better verify the degree of decentralization, data accuracy, stronger stability, security and expansibility of Adamo oracle.

Data uplink: the user sends a data request to Adam Oracle through a smart contract with corresponding data demand parameters (uplink). In fact, it is also an Adam pass transfer, and the parameters of the data request are carried in the payload of the transfer transaction; The network composed of its nodes obtains relevant information by subscribing to the log of adaoracle contract; Dismantling user requirements of adaoracle system (under the chain); The disassembled task is completed by different nodes through external API data sources to obtain data and return; Send the returned data to the adaoracle system; The adaoracle system returns the data to the adaoracle smart contract on the chain again; The contract on the adamoroc chain integrates data (using the probability distribution of data provided by different nodes, removing outliers and other operations), records the reputation of each node providing data according to the final result, and finally sends the result to the user’s smart contract to complete the whole process.

Realize cross chain data transmission: the “relay chain” concept is adopted in the adamor SaaS system. This system will translate the received external chain request into the smart contract of the adamor virtual machine standard through the Adam EVM virtual machine. It will realize cross chain connection of eth, BTC, okexchain, Polkadot, etc., open up the whole ecosystem and realize “everyone can be a data Porter”.