Multi class weekly (issue 1) in the summer vacation


Multi class weekly (issue 1) in the summer vacation

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Far up the cold mountain, the stone path is inclined, and there are people in the depths of white clouds. Stop and sit in the night of love maple forest. The frost leaves are red than the flowers in February. Du Mu – a trip to the mountains


[translation] 22 necessary CSS tips (@ jrainlau)

Practical CSS tips.

CSS3 chat bubble box and inherit and currentcolor keywords (@ dunizb)

Use CSS to implement bubbles in IM functions.

What the hell? I don’t know how to name class (@ knot one)

A summary of class naming.

[[translation] how to use mixins (@ rccoder) in CSS preprocessor less](…

As the name suggests, this is about mixins in less.


Instance resolution ES6 proxy usage scenario (@ ping4god)

This article introduces the usage of proxy and its usage scenarios.

Vue + webpack usage specification (@ aresn)

This article describes some of Vue’s best practices.

Gradually master react (as an angular developer)(@Li Linpu[translation](…

How angular developers migrate to react.

New features of jQuery 3.0(@hanyuxinting[translation](…

This article focuses on the latest important changes in jQuery 3.0 and how to use them.

Make a useful switch component with react (@ Zhou Lin)

This article describes how to use react to make a switch component that supports gesture sliding.

Small tips developed by react native(@Jack Pu)

RN various small tips

Ten year changes of GUI application architecture: MVC, MVP, MVVM, unidirectional, clean (@ Wang Xia invites the moon bear)_ Chevalier)

Rest assured that all the examples are JavaScript.

Talk about front-end sorting (@ Baidu EFE)

It may be the most complete article on front-end sorting in history.

Create Apps with No Configuration(

No configuration is required to create a react app.

Node.js/ data store

Node.js stream – actual combat (@ Zou bin)

From the perspective of application, this paper introduces how to use pipeline for programming.

Analysis of mongodb synchronization principle (@ yunnotes)

This paper is a supplement to the principle of mongodb high availability replication set, and introduces the implementation principle of mongodb data synchronization in detail.

In simple terms koa (@ Berwin)

This paper mainly discusses the principle of KOA. It belongs to an in-depth article. The article four months ago is worth reading.

Modern node.js for micro service selection (@ sang Shilong)

Why should we choose node.js to build microservices when microservices are popular today?

Standardization, analysis and monitoring of nodejs log of big search vehicle (@ front end of big search vehicle)

Log analysis and monitoring.


Reverse exploration wechat message interface implementation (@ everettif)

Reverse engineering should be a necessary skill for developers, because it can promote the positive development of developers.

Error Handling in Swift(@abargh)

The topic of this article is about error processing, including errorprotocol, etc.

Afnetworking source code analysis (@ zongmumask)

Afnetworking is an open source network library you have to use. By learning its principle, you can get more underlying details. It is recommended to read it.

Parameter object of swift version of refactoring and pattern(@Channe(translation)

If you have multiple parameters or need to change frequently, you can build a parameter object to reduce code changes.

Exponential time complexity in the Swift type checker(@Matt Gallagher)

Sometimes your expression is too complex for the compiler to process in a reasonable time, and an error will be reported.

[translation] GCD target queues

CGD target queue, you know.

Real World Flux Architecture on iOS(@Benjamin Encz)

It is an interesting exploration to apply Facebook’s flux architecture to IOS development.

Tool data

Chrome devtools – 25 practical tips (@ rare earth area)

This article describes how to use chrome devtools to improve the efficiency of development.

Mweb domestic excellent markdown editor (@ OTIS)

Say important things three times: half price a week, half price a week, half price a week.

The most complete front-end development interview questions and answers sorting(@Cat(share)

It is estimated to be the most complete web front-end interview classic in history.

How do we do well in front-end engineering and static resource management (@ bump Lab)

This paper introduces how to do well in front-end engineering and static resource management.

Open source project

Typescript Handbook (Chinese version) (@ zhongsp)

This manual will give you an overall understanding of typescript.

Principle: wechat hot update scheme (@zzz40500)

Knowledge has increased, and hot update is the standard configuration of APP in the future.

This project can help you quickly verify sslforfree.


A very interesting CSS library.


Local disk cache library written based on nscache.


JavaScript library that can quickly integrate user guidance

JavaScript coding specification produced by Baidu Fex team (@ Fex team)

It has reference significance.

Weekly book

Swift advanced (@ translated by Wang Wei)

This book discusses the advanced knowledge of all aspects of swift features, from low-level programming to high-level abstraction, and covers some advanced topics of swift programming. If you have read through Apple’s swift programming guide and want to explore more about the language, this book is right for you! Swift is very suitable for system programming, and it can also be used to write high-level code. In this book, we will not only study high-level abstractions such as generics and protocols, but also get involved in low-level topics such as encapsulating C code and string internal implementation.