More thorough and professional software unloading


Package sharing, version 6.24 is used here

Extraction code: mhl9

The steps of win7 and win10 are the same

Next, start the installation

Installation steps: in turn into the directory, decompression   The official version of this package


Enter the official cracked version of the directory, click Install – basically direct default———


After successful installation:


You can open it and have a look. It is not registered at present. Click Help about to see it. Then close the software and operate again

Copy two files under x64 folder

Copy these two files to the directory you just installed

Open the installation directory of the newly installed total install and directly replace the existing files

 Open the software again and click “help” – > “about” to view the information. At this time, it has been registered and can be used for a long time

If you want to uninstall the software, directly select the software to be unloaded, wait for the analysis to complete, and then click unload. The last step is to unload the analyzed files, which is the key to clean up the residual garbage


Crack complete, enjoy~~~