More than half of the enterprise workstations cannot run Windows 11; Python 3.10.0 officially released; Android 12 releases Sina weekly


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  • The Municipal Administration of supervision has imposed administrative penalties on the “one out of two” monopoly of meituan   thirty-four point four two   Hundred million
  • Apple   NFC   Chips face EU antitrust investigation or open to rivals
  • Telegram   On Facebook   7000 new on the day of downtime   10000 users
  • NVIDIA has made initial concessions to the EU to ensure   five hundred and forty   $100 million acquisition of arm   Transaction approved
  • Apple plans “ironheart”: it will   IPhone controls air conditioning, seats, radio, etc
  • Average age of employees of Chinese Internet companies: no more than 35 years old
  • Google   The data center tries to turn to the mainline kernel
  • More than half of the enterprise workstations cannot run Windows 11
  • Amazon   Twitch   Hacked, a large number of source code and financial details were released
  • Bootstrap v5.1.2 officially released
  • Python 3.10.0 officially released
  • Google officially released Android 12
  • Delphi 11 “Alexandria” release
  • Firefox 93 was released and officially supports avif format

Industry information

The Municipal Administration of supervision imposed an administrative penalty of 34.42 yuan on the “one out of two” monopoly of meituan   Hundred million

According to Articles 47 and 49 of the anti monopoly law, considering the nature, degree and duration of meituan’s illegal acts, 2021   Year 10   On August 8, the General Administration of market supervision made an administrative punishment decision according to law, ordering meituan to stop its illegal acts, return the exclusive cooperation deposit of RMB 1.289 billion in full, and impose a penalty on its sales in China in 2020   one thousand one hundred and forty-seven point four eight   RMB100mn   3% penalty, calculated as   3.442 billion yuan. At the same time, it issued the administrative guidance to meituan, requiring it to carry out comprehensive rectification around improving the Commission charging mechanism and algorithm rules of the platform, safeguarding the legitimate interests of small and medium-sized catering businesses in the platform, strengthening the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of takeout riders, and submit a self inspection and compliance report to the State Administration of market supervision for three consecutive years to ensure that the rectification is in place and realize the healthy and sustainable development of standardized innovation.

Apple NFC   Chips face EU antitrust investigation or open to rivals

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple will be due to its NFC   Chip technology is subject to EU antitrust investigation, which may expose it to the risk of huge fines and may force it to open its mobile payment system to competitors. Since last year   Mobile payment service in June   Apple Pay   Since the launch of the investigation, Apple has always been the target of Margaret vestag, the EU antitrust head.

The EU’s initial concern was Apple’s NFC   Fast payment and apple pay supported by the chip   How to use the terms and conditions on the merchant’s application and website, and the company’s refusal to allow competitors to enter the payment system.

People familiar with the matter said that the European Commission has since focused on   On NFC chip, the chip can only be used by Apple pay   Access. EU antitrust authorities are preparing a prosecution document called a “statement of objection”, which may be sent to Apple next year. Such documents usually list practices that regulators consider anti competitive.

Telegraph on Facebook   New on the day of downtime   seven thousand   10000 users

ten   June 6 message, instant chat application telegraph   Founder Pavel durov said on Tuesday that on Monday Facebook   During large-scale downtime, telegraph   More than 7000   Million new users.

The outage caused Facebook   of   thirty-five   100 million users cannot access   WhatsApp、Instagram、Messenger。 Facebook said the outage was due to a wrong configuration change.

Durov said on his telegraph channel, “telegraph   The daily growth rate of is one order of magnitude higher than normal. We welcome to escape from other platforms within one day   Telegram   More than   seven thousand   Million ‘refugees’. “

NVIDIA has made initial concessions to the EU to ensure a $54 billion acquisition   Arm   Transaction approved

Foreign media reported that the documents released by the European Commission on Wednesday local time showed that in order to ensure that the EU antitrust authorities approve it   five hundred and forty   US $billion acquisition of British chip design company   Arm   NVIDIA has made preliminary concessions to the transaction. However, the European Commission did not disclose any concessions made by NVIDIA.

In September 2020, Softbank group and NVIDIA announced that they had reached a definitive agreement. According to the agreement, Softbank will put arm   Sold to NVIDIA. Since NVIDIA announced its acquisition of arm, it has been caught in a vortex of opposition, censorship and security concerns.

Earlier, documents released by the European Commission showed that NVIDIA applied to the EU antitrust Department on September 8 to approve its acquisition with us $54 billion   Arm   Deal. At that time, it was reported that the EU would   October   thirteen   A decision was made on whether to approve the transaction.

Now, the European Commission has extended the deadline for making a decision to 10   month   twenty-seven   Day. Foreign media reported that the EU is expected to seek more feedback from NVIDIA’s competitors and customers to decide whether to accept NVIDIA’s concessions or ask NVIDIA to make more concessions.

It is reported that Amazon, Samsung and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have all acquired arm from NVIDIA   Expressed concern that they opposed the acquisition.

At the same time, the deal was also supported by three major chip manufacturers, namely Broadcom, MediaTek and Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Apple plans “ironheart”: it will   iPhone   Control air conditioning, seats, radio, etc

Apple’s Carplay interface is used by millions of drivers to control music, check routes and make calls. It is seeking to expand its coverage in cars.

According to people familiar with the matter, the company is studying technologies that can access functions such as climate control system, speedometer, radio and seats. The plan is internally known as “ironheart”, which is still in its early stage and requires the cooperation of automobile manufacturers.

This work emphasizes the idea that cars can become the main money making tool of the technology giant – even if they don’t sell the car itself. Despite setbacks in Apple’s plans, including the defection of key executives this year, the company continues to make progress on Carplay. It allows customers to connect their iPhones to their vehicles to handle so-called infotainment functions. Seven years after its launch, Carplay is now available to most major carmakers.

Ironheart will take Carplay one step further. People familiar with the matter said that the iPhone based system can access a range of controls, sensors and settings because the project is secret and therefore anonymity.

Average age of employees of Chinese Internet companies: no more than 35 years old

Recently, pulse data Research Institute released a survey to sort the average age of employees in large Internet enterprises in China. The data show that the average age of employees in large Internet enterprises is no more than 35.

Specifically, for the new generation Internet companies represented by byte beating, meituan and Didi, almost half of the companies with an average age of less than 30 years (including 30 years), and the average age of employees of byte beating and pinduoduo is relatively the lowest, with an average age of only 27 years. The average age of didi travel employees is the highest, which is 33 years old.

Among the old bat, the average age of Alibaba employees is 31, that of Baidu employees is 30, and that of Tencent is the youngest, with an average of 29. The average age of employees of Xiaomi and Netease is 29, that of Huawei is 31, and that of Sohu and sina is only 30 or 31.

Google   The data center tries to turn to the mainline kernel

Currently Google   Launched a new kernel project   Project icebreaker aims to solve two problems: closely following the main line kernel and making   Google   The new features introduced for the product are easier to be delivered to the upstream mainline kernel; Any Google program can be run in the kernel production environment to verify the upstream changes before the prodkernel changes the kernel version. at present   Icebreaker is based on   5.13 kernel, and the latest kernel versions are 5.14 and 5.15   In candidate release status.

More than half of the enterprise workstations cannot run Windows 11

Microsoft has started to push windows 11 on October 5. Qualified windows 10 pcs can be upgraded to windows 11 for free. Meanwhile, new PCs pre installed with windows 11 will also be listed one after another.

However, it asset management software companies   Lansweeper’s latest research shows that since Microsoft announced windows 11, it teams in large enterprises have been under pressure to formulate attack plans; In order to launch the new operating system, they need a fast and cost-effective windows 11 readiness check to determine which machines are eligible and ineligible for upgrade. The results showed that 55% of workstations did not have the ability to upgrade.

Lansweeper said that although Microsoft allows anyone to manually install windows 11 without considering the CPU. However, automatic upgrading is possible only when the three key components of the computer CPU, ram and TPM meet the requirements required for upgrading at the same time. In addition, if you don’t meet the system requirements, you can’t guarantee windows 11 upgrade. Based on the data of about 30 million windows devices in 60000 organizations, lansweeper shows that on average, only 44.4% of workstations are eligible for automatic upgrade, while the rest will not be eligible.

More than half of the enterprise workstations cannot run Windows 11; Python 3.10.0 officially released; Android 12 releases Sina weekly

Specifically, only 44.4% of the CPUs of the tested workstations meet the system requirements for upgrading to windows 11, while 55.6% do not. Although most of them passed the ram test (91%), only about half of the tested workstation TPMS met the requirements, more than 19% failed, and 28% were incompatible with or not enabled.

More than half of the enterprise workstations cannot run Windows 11; Python 3.10.0 officially released; Android 12 releases Sina weekly

Roel decneut, chief marketing officer of lansweeper, said: “Microsoft justifies the need for these requirements to alleviate security concerns, because many devices will not be upgraded, even some new devices on the market. On the other hand, this may actually expose a large number of devices to greater vulnerability risk. Those who cannot update to windows 11 – probably most enterprises in the short term – will continue to use windows 10. Microsoft plans to end its support for windows 10 in 2025, which means that it cannot provide more security patches for devices that cannot transition to its successor products. “

Amazon twitch was hacked, and a large number of source code and financial details were released

It is reported that the whole   Twitch’s source code, user comment history and detailed financial records have been posted online by an anonymous hacker. Twitch   It is Amazon’s video and game service. Now, all the source code of its services, its mobile, desktop and client applications, and an unpublished steam   All the competing items in the store were leaked.

According to VGC, these files were leaked to by an anonymous hacker   4chan   of This person said that the leak was to “promote more destruction and competition in the field of online video streaming because of twitch   The] community is a disgusting toxic sewage pool. VGC   It has been confirmed that the hacker’s files are public on 4chan. Twitch   An anonymous person inside further confirmed that the documents were true.

According to the hacker and the information that has begun to check the file   Twitter   According to the user, the leaked data at least includes:

  • All   Twitch source code
  • “Can be traced back to its early beginning” comment history
  • Financial details, including remuneration of creators since 2019
  • Source code of twitch application including Apple TV
  • An unpublished steam   Competitor project
  • Internal security tools
  • Proprietary   SDK, internal Amazon Web service tool

Steam   Our competitors are called   Vapor, produced by Amazon game studio. It is reported that there is another related problem   Vapeworld, may be one designed to work with vapor   Integrated chat service.

Some users claim that the encrypted password is also included in the content published by hackers. Assuming it is accurate, the leaked data reveals critical role and other companies from twitch   Amount of money earned.

Twitch   The original version of was released in 2011   Launched in 2014   It was acquired by Amazon in. Among its client applications, there is a long-running IOS application, a Mac   Clients, and recent   Apple TV。

Amazon has not commented on the hacking incident or the leaked data.

Latest technology trends

Bootstrap v5.1.2 officially released

Bootstrap v5.1.2 was officially released. Bootstrap is a group of open source front-end frameworks for website and network application development. The updated contents are as follows:

  • Add align self: Center to the button to improve the rendering in the flex container;
  • Fixed the crash problem, which hinders the switching between child nodes at the same level;
  • Updated JS sanitizer for safe\_ URL\_ Add SMS to pattern;
  • Improved the relevant documents of. Img fluid;
  • Added role = “switch” to the form switches in our document;
  • The GitHub issue form is implemented to replace the previous issue template, etc

Python 3.10.0 officially released

Python 3.10.0 was officially released. Python 3.10.0 is the latest major version of Python programming language, which contains many new features and optimizations. The update highlights are as follows:

  • Discard and prepare to delete wstr in pyunicode object;
  • It is allowed to write union type as X | y, parameter specification variable;
  • Add optional length check function in zip;
  • The use of bracketed context managers is now officially allowed;
  • Discard the distutils module and explicit type aliases;
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1 or higher is required;
  • And delete py_ Unicode encoder API and add optional encoding warning

Google officially released Android 12

On October 5, Google announced that it officially pushed the source code to the Android open source project (AOSP) and officially released the latest version of the 12 major Android updates. Android 12 will start to push from Google pixel series phones in the next few weeks. It is expected to push other brands of phones later this year, including Samsung Galaxy, Yijia, oppo, realm, Xiaomi and other devices.

In terms of UI interface, Android 12 introduces a new design language called material you, which can help developers build more personalized and beautiful applications. In addition, the new version also provides redesigned widgets, updated notification design, added a new “stretch” excessive scrolling effect, and introduced a splash screen for all applications.

In terms of performance, Android 12 provides faster and more efficient system performance, improves application startup time and optimizes I / O to speed up application loading.

Delphi 11 “Alexandria” release

Delphi 11, C + + Builder 11 and rad studio 11   It has been officially released, code named “Alexandria”. The new version introduces many important new features and enhancements, improves the user experience of the IDE, and aims to improve the productivity of developers. For example:

  • Support high score screen (4K + display);
  • Support Windows 11, Android 30 API and MacOS 64 bit arm M1 processor;
  • Introduce C++   Formatter;
  • Enhanced cross language support between Delphi and C + +;
  • Enhance FMX designer, etc

More than half of the enterprise workstations cannot run Windows 11; Python 3.10.0 officially released; Android 12 releases Sina weekly

Firefox   93 release, officially supporting avif format

Firefox 93.0 was officially released. This version is the latest stable version of Firefox, including feature updates, security and stability fixes.

new function

  • Avif format support is enabled by default

    Mozilla originally planned to enable support for avif format in Firefox 92, but Mozilla temporarily postponed the release of this feature in the previous version. Support for avif is now enabled by default in Firefox 93.

    Compared with existing image formats, avif can significantly save bandwidth for websites.

  • Uninstall tabs on windows when memory is severely low

    In this update, Firefox provides a new label uninstall function for windows. If the available system memory of the windows device is seriously insufficient, Firefox will automatically uninstall the tab.

    Firefox’s uninstallation of tabs will be determined based on the final access time, memory usage and other attributes. Mozilla hopes this feature will reduce the number of memory related crashes Firefox users encounter.

  • Unsafe downloads are blocked by default

    Firefox now blocks unsafe downloads (i.e. HTTP downloads on HTTPS web pages) by default.

    Users who need this can   dom.block\_ download\_ insecure   Preferences set to   False to allow unsafe downloads again.

  • The Firefox PDF viewer now supports filling out more forms
  • To prevent Mac OS users from losing their sessions running Firefox from the mounted. DMG file, they will now be prompted to complete the installation. This prompt only appears the first time a user runs Firefox on their computer
  • Improved web page compatibility for privacy protection in smartblock 3.0
  • New referral source tracking protection has been introduced in strict tracking protection and private browsing


  • The voiceover screen reader can now correctly report that the optional items in the accessible tree controls are checked or unchecked
  • Orca screen reader now works in Firefox
  • Repair of various safety problems