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After ten years of development, Devops has become a widely recognized research and development effectiveness methodology. Devops tool chain, as one of the core technology practices of Devops landing, enables the development team to deliver products faster and better in terms of automation and quality, and improve its competitiveness.

Senior technical expert of codingZhou JihaiWill be inTen year evolution of Devops tool chainIn the course, we will share with you the evolution of Devops tool chain in different stages in the 10-year development process of Devops, and bring some practical experience and unique insights in the field of Devops.

Opening time

19:00, October 28 (Wednesday)


Ten year evolution of Devops tool chain

  • Introduction to Devops and tool chain
  • Older Devops tools
  • Current mainstream and revolutionary Devops tools
  • Next generation Devops platform and tools

About Instructor

Zhou Jihai
Coding senior technical expert

He graduated from Imperial College, London. Worked in Devops in a number of large banks (including Barclays, HSBC, etc.). In 2018, he was dispatched from the headquarters of HSBC in London to Guangzhou, China HSBC software, responsible for the Devops transformation of 1000 people in the investment banking department. Join coding as chief technical preacher and senior technical expert in 2020.

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