Mongodb global cloud technology event ——Live Chinese subtitle keynote speech and real time Chinese experts face to face


Mongodb global cloud technology event , will be on22:00, June 9, Beijing timeOfficially opened, the conference willCombination of online live broadcast and on demand learningIt is open to users and enthusiasts of mongodb such as developers and architects all over the world for freeLive broadcast of keynote speech, latest technology sharing, best customer practice, interactive virtual “community cafe” and face-to-face with online expertsWait for the link, 48 hours wonderful without stopping!

  • From developers to data scientists, from it executives to Devops, ensureEveryone can find topics of interest
  • No matter where you are, break the time and geographical restrictions,Enjoy 48 hours of uninterrupted digital experience from June 9 to 10, interact with mongodb global team;
  • 90 minute keynote speech, listen to the future of data development, covering the latest features of mongodb4.4, the most resilient, secure, fastest and most powerful version of mongodb ever;
  • Branch venue setting, real time and on-demand hot topic speeches and sharing co hosted by mongodb experts, community users and customers;
  • One on one consultation with technical experts: make an appointment with mongodb technical experts and have 20 minutes of free one-to-one Q & a session;
  • Community Cafe, online meeting participants and mongodb developers. The community Cafe will provide classroom style meeting rooms, community group discussions, etc., to help you understand the latest functions of mongodb, and have the opportunity to practice the latest functions with mongodb experts;
  • Face to face technical team, join the mongodb team of engineers, let’s talk about Java Node.js , python, PHP, C, C / C + +, rust, swift and ruby. Learn about future plans for drivers, share your feedback or ideas for improving development, and contribute to the mongodb community;
  • Event rankings, participate in meetings to earn activity points, improve mongodb skills, and win prizes and gifts!

Knock on the blackboard!!!

In China, we have a large number of enthusiastic mongodb fans. Chinese subtitles are added to nearly 20 important technical topics and speeches. You can freely choose the time to watch the topics you are interested in. In addition, at 2:00 p.m. on June 10, we will launch the live broadcast of Chinese subtitle theme speech, and arrange top Chinese technical experts to answer questions online and real-time Chinese For you to analyze the technical innovations including mongodb serverless, multi document transaction, automation, query performance, analysis, pattern design, cloud migration, security, machine learning, etc.

You can also click to view the detailed schedule of the conference and register for the global event.

Detailed agenda:


We will send you the live message of Chinese subtitle keynote speech in advance. Please ensure the accuracy of your email.

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Or add xiaomango wechat (ID: mongingcom) for relevant consultation and enter the technical exchange group for exchange.

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