Mongodb geonear usage record


If necessary, query the location near a coordinate point

data format

It can be in the form of array or geojson

<field>: [ <x>, <y> ]
<field>: [<longitude>, <latitude> ]


location: {
      type: "Point",
      coordinates: [-73.856077, 40.848447]

List longitude first, then latitude

For example, LOC field

    "City": "Beijing",
    "geo_id": 565932,
    "Geo_name": "wanliuyuan (Changchun Tang drugstore)",
    "lat": 39.850201868495773283,
    "lng": 116.33426020654366084,
    "loc": "[116.33426020654366084,39.850201868495773283]",
    "status": 0


Create a 2dsphere index

The 2dsphere index supports querying spherical geometric entity objects

db.collection.createIndex( { <location field> : "2dsphere" } )

Pymongo query example

        lng = geo['lng']
        lat = geo['lat']
        result = geos_collection.aggregate([
            {"$geoNear": { 
                "near": { 
                    "type": "Point",
                    "coordinates": [lng, lat] }, 
                    "distanceField": "distance", 
                    "maxDistance": 2000, 
                    "query": {"status": -1}, 
                    "spherical": True }
            {"$limit": 10}

mongodb shell

     $geoNear: {
        near: { type: "Point", coordinates: [120.13606048541625171, 30.29447292933346958 ] },
        distanceField: "distance",
        maxDistance: 2000,
        query: { status: -1 },
        spherical: true
  • Coordinates the coordinate point of the query
  • Maxdistance maximum distance
  • Query filter criteria


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