Mongodb from introduction to mastery | online technical training


Mongodb from introduction to mastery | online technical training
Mongodb database is a new generation database platform designed to meet today’s high availability, scalability and gdpr regulations. With its flexible model and rich document structure, mongodb can help developers of enterprises of all sizes and industries quickly develop applications using rich data structures.

In recent years, mongodb has ranked among the top five in the popularity ranking of DB engines database. According to the highly anticipated annual developer survey released by stack overflow, mongodb has won the “database most favored by developers” for four consecutive years.

In order to enable more friends to master mongodb more smoothly and obtain mongodb knowledge and skills closest to enterprise production, mongodb Chinese community cooperates with mongodb and tapdata to carry out mongodb training.

*   Sharing training posters and MongoDB, please reply to the training at the WeChat Chinese official account in the Mongoing Chinese community.

Training highlights:

Practical cases of authoritative experts   Supporting self-test   Community communication

  • Technical experts from mongodb official and mongodb Chinese community bring authoritative and reliable training content!
  • For novices, you can start with the basic principles of database;
  • Provide supporting self-test, you can join wechat group for technical exchange and learning!

Who is suitable for this course?

  • Mongodb beginner / advanced;
  • Friends who conduct mongodb technical research;
  • Use mongodb in production, friends who want to study hard;
  • Other friends interested in mongodb

What will you gain from this course?

The course will bring you the mongodb knowledge and skills closest to the production and use of the enterprise.

  1. Know mongodb and master common operation methods;
  2. Understand mongodb aggregation framework, understand the principle of replication set and fragment set, and learn mongodb security;
  3. Learning mongodb diagnosis and performance tuning with examples;
  4. Understand mongodb application scenarios and model selection, and understand typical cases of mongodb;
  5. Practical demonstration, with a certain basis of database principle, you can get started quickly!

Trainer appearance!

Mongodb from introduction to mastery | online technical training

Basic training information

Training time: 20:00-21:00, July 5-14, 2021 (one session is updated every working day)

Learning method: online training

Mongodb version: this training corresponds to mongodb version 4.4

Training fee: Free

Training appointment link:

How to train supporting materials: before the training, we will send you a reminder of the beginning of the training, and send the training viewing link and supporting materials to your email.

How to join technical community communication: add community assistant xiaomango wechat: mongoingcom (note “Mongo”), enter mongodb Chinese community technical communication group or consult training related matters.

Share training activities around mongodb!

Before July 5, 2021, the Mongoing Chinese community WeChat official account (mongoing-mongoing) was concerned, sending key words [training] to receive posters and share them in the background. The number of invitations reached 10 people, that is, the opportunity to receive MongoDB exquisite peripheral:

  • Friends in the first 3 of each week can get mongodb customized backpacks;
  • Friends in the first 6 of each week can get mongodb customized T-shirts;
  • The first 12 friends of each week can get mongodb customized mugs.

Note: please submit a screenshot that can reflect the number of invitations according to the public background prompt. Starting point at 0 every Monday is the starting point of the official account. If you have any questions, please consult xiaomango (wechat ID: mongoingcom).

Training program

Mongodb from introduction to mastery | online technical training

Introduction to the organizer:

Mongodb from introduction to mastery | online technical training
Mongodb Chinese community (mongoing. Com), founded in 2014, is an officially recognized Chinese community in Greater China. It is composed of blogs, offline activities, technical Q & A, communities, official document translation and other sections.

The vision of the Chinese community is to create an active mutual aid platform for the majority of mongodb Chinese lovers; Promote mongodb as the preferred solution for enterprise database application; Gather mongodb development, database and operation and maintenance experts to build the most authoritative technology community.

Mongodb Chinese community
Mongodb from introduction to mastery | online technical training

Mongodb is the world’s leading modern common data platform, which aims to help developers and their built applications release the potential of software and data. Headquartered in New York, mongodb has more than 2100 employees in more than 40 offices around the world. Mongodb has more than 20200 customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, 18000 atlas customers and more than 2000000 atlas free users. Mongodb database platform has been downloaded more than 125 million times, and mongodb university has more than 1.5 million registered users worldwide.

Mongodb official website
Mongodb from introduction to mastery | online technical training

Tapdata is a real-time ETL and data service platform tool based on mongodb. Our products can help those enterprises that lack professional data engineers to provide product-oriented data solutions. Real time two-way data synchronization + simple data governance and modeling + codeless API service delivery + 100TB sub second performance. Whether you are building a unified data platform for your customers or an enterprise data center across Bu, tapdata can provide you with an effective technical solution for rapid implementation at a lower cost.

Titanium platinum data (tapdata) official website

The Hangzhou conference of mongodb Chinese community in 2021 is on July 3 (Saturday). Many mongodb technology sharing and first-hand practice dry goods are waiting for you on site!
Mongodb from introduction to mastery | online technical training