Mongodb and Alibaba cloud have reached strategic cooperation, and the latest database is launched exclusively to Alibaba cloud!


November 26,Mongodb, an open source database manufacturerAndAli cloudTo reach strategic cooperation in Beijing as the first step of cooperation,Latest mongodb 4.2Database products are officially launched on Alibaba cloud platform.

At present, Alibaba cloud has become the only cloud manufacturer in the world that can provide the latest version of mongodb service, and the two sides have worked together to open the channel for enterprises to use the latest version of open source database on the cloud.

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Mongodb and Alibaba cloud have reached strategic cooperation, and the latest database is launched exclusively to Alibaba cloud!

Mongodb is the No. 1 NoSQL database in the world and one of the most popular open source databases in the industry. China is the market with the most mongodb downloads.

Last year, many open-source database manufacturers, such as mongodb, announced to modify the agreement, which restricted the use of open-source database on the cloud. However, with the cooperation between mongodb and Alibaba, enterprises and developers can directly access the latest version of mongodb 4.2 database products on Alibaba cloud in the future.

At the same time, Alibaba cloud has become the first company in the world to obtain mongodb support, leading the industry in terms of product versions. According to statistics, most of the mongodb versions of other cloud vendors are still in the 3. X stage.

Mongodb and Alibaba cloud have reached strategic cooperation, and the latest database is launched exclusively to Alibaba cloud!

According to the introduction, Alibaba cloud mongodb version 4.2 provides a series of new functions, such as distributed transaction, wildcard index, field level encryption, etc., so that users on the cloud can experience the latest version at the first time, and build more efficient and flexible applications.

In the past few years, the trend of database cloud is obvious. According to Gartner, an authoritative market research institution, by 2023, three quarters of the world’s databases will run on the cloud, and cloud computing platform will become an important window for database manufacturers to get close to customers.

Li Feifei, vice president of Alibaba group and general manager of Alibaba cloud intelligent database business department, said: “opening represents the future of cloud computing. Alibaba cloud database continues to support the open and standard ecology and actively feeds back the open source community.

Through cooperation with mongodb, we will better meet the diversified needs of various industries for cloud database, so that users on the cloud and community users can benefit, help enterprises realize digital transformation, and help customers’ business take off. “

Alan Chhabra, mongodb’s global partner and senior vice president of Asia Pacific, said: “mongodb is the next generation of data platform that is very popular around the world, and China is the market with the largest amount of mongodb downloads.

Today, together with Alibaba cloud, we will help customers easily use mongodb-as-a-service (mongodb is service) through Alibaba cloud to help customers unlock the value of big data and obtain cloud computing dividends. “

Alibaba cloud is the first cloud manufacturer to provide mongodb services in China. It provides cloud hosting database services that are fully compatible with mongodb protocol. Based on the Apsara distributed system and highly reliable storage engine, Alibaba cloud provides Alibaba cloud customers with multiple enterprise level service capabilities, such as multi node and high availability, elastic expansion, disaster tolerance, backup and recovery, performance optimization, etc. it has been widely used in games, the Internet of things Finance, logistics and other industries.

Alicloud has the most abundant database product family in China, including self-developed cloud native database polardb, analytical database analyticdb and various open-source databases.

At present, more than 400000 databases have been migrated to Alibaba cloud, covering leading enterprises in finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics and other fields. In 2018, Alibaba cloud became the first Chinese company to be selected into Gartner database Magic Quadrant.

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