Mongo change data type


Mongo writes in quotation marks, resulting in some numeric fields of string type. Modify the field type to numeric type.

        db.Report99.update({'_id': doc._id},{$set:{"begin-quantity": parseFloat(doc["begin-quantity"])}}); // Change to floating point number
        db.Report99.update({'_id': doc._id},{$set:{"end-quantity": NumberInt(doc["end-quantity"])}}); //  Change to integer

Mongo4.2 + version, the parameters can be as follows:

        "begin-quantity": { $type: "string" }
    [{$set: {"begin quantity": {$convert: {input: "$average quantity", to: "double"}}}], // valid type: string|bool|int|long|double|decimal|date|timestamp|objectid
    { multi: true }

1. If the collection name contains special characters, use dB. Getcollection (‘My report ‘)
2. Doc in foreach takes a field value and directly doc.key. If the key contains special characters, Doc [”] is used

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