Mongo backup


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Global backup and recovery


mongodump -d yea -o /data/db/3.1_2017_07_06_back
Migrate to native
scp -r [email protected]:/root/docker-data/mongo/3.1_2017_02_06_back /Users/zhidaliao/bak_dir/mongo


The docker mounting path is as follows:

    - /mnt/docker-data/testMongo3:/data/db

Copy the backup file to the folder / MNT / docker data / testmongo3, and enter / data / DB in docker

mongorestore -d yea 3.1_back/yea

Specifies the import and export of the collection

Export the data of the specified collection in the database:
 mongoexport -h --port 27018 -d yourdb -c yourcoll -o /root/yourcoll.json
Export the data of the specified field in the collection. The exported file format is CSV
mongoexport -d yourdb -c test -f "id,name,score" --csv -o /root/test.csv
Export data according to conditions:
mongoexport -d yourdb -c yourcoll -q '{score:{$gt:80}}' -o /root/yourcoll-bk.json
Restore exported collection data:
mongoimport -d yourdb -c yourcoll --file /root/yourcoll.json
Import collection data, insert or update existing data:
mongoimport -d test -c yourcoll --file /root/yourcoll.json --upsert

Mongodb database cloning

db.copyDatabase(fromdb, todb, fromhost, username, password)
Copy the specified database from remote mongodb to local:
 db.copyDatabase("yii2", "lyii2", "")
Clone of collection
db.runCommand({ cloneCollection: "<namespace>", from: "<hostname>", query: { <query> } });
Clone the specified collection from remote mongodb to the local database:
db.runCommand({  cloneCollection: "test.user", from: "", query:{}    })

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