Mojave Xcode real IOS 13 error


Problem description

Using react native to develop app

Xcode debugging error: could not locate device support files

The system version used is MacOS Mojave 10.14.6

Cannot and does not want to upgrade Catalina

Xcode version is 10


The methods of searching on the Internet are usually as follows:

Download existing real device support packages, such as GitHub

Then copy the corresponding folder to the directory:


Note the name of the folder here. After connecting Xcode, a corresponding folder name will be generated in the directory:

/Users/xxxx/Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport

The name of the former folder should be consistent with the latter. For example, the form of my folder name is

13.5 (17F75) arm64e

After the copy is complete, restart Xcode

Fill in IOS version manually in depoly target, mine is 13.5

Then run

It took me more than two hours to report an error

Until the next day, I searched some materials, thought of the reasons, and passed the verification, and found that the reasons were:

The above method only works in Xcode 11!

So upgrade Xcode to 11, the above method can take effect, no more error, specific upgrade method refer to my last article.

Before upgrading, you can delete the original Xcode version or rename it.