Mobile OA system for office management


Mobile has changed the human life mode, and the mobile OA system leads the handheld office, making the enterprise management unimpeded. The freshness and super imagination of 4G network and intelligent mobile have merged into the boring PC era, which once accelerated the growth of mobile OA system. Mobile OA system completely changes the traditional desktop office mode, allowing you to work in your palm anytime and anywhere.

Major OA manufacturers keenly grasp the good opportunity of mobile Internet, reposition and comprehensively launch the mobile OA R & D plan. Now take the naturally creative mobile OA system as an example to analyze how the mobile OA system improves the enterprise management level.

1. Not just traditional OA

The naturally creative mobile OA office system organically combines mobile communication elements with collaborative office system, and is equipped with more than 30 common daily office functions, including process approval, document management, group approval, task, log, plan, meeting, message, notice and announcement, etc.

From the perspective of product characteristics, mobile OA system has the management concept of office anytime and anywhere. The natural creation mobile OA system supports windows and Linux operating systems, and combines the characteristics of mobile devices, such as mobile process approval. It can initiate and process the approval of approval, expense, contract, procurement, administration and other processes, so as to realize paperless process control. The workflow track is clear and can be checked, and the process feedback is notified at any time.

In fact, the naturally creative mobile OA office system is not a derivative of the traditional OA office system or an accessory of the mobile phone, but a new system deeply integrated with the smart phone and created specifically for mobile office.

2. Make management better

The core purpose of mobile OA system is to liberate employees in time and space, quickly improve the management level of enterprise groups, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, reasonably plan and use time, minimize the space consumption cost, and give full play to the subjective initiative of employees.

The naturally creative mobile OA office system has opened up a new route in the field of a new generation of intelligent mobile OA software. At the same time, it has also liberated people from the way of desktop office, expanded the office space, so that employees are no longer limited by time and place when dealing with official business, which not only improves the office efficiency, but also reduces the office cost.

Considering the needs of customers from the perspective of customers and improving the competitiveness and execution of enterprise groups is the direction that major OA manufacturers need to strive for. At present, mobile Internet is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. I believe that with the collaborative efforts of major OA manufacturers, the future mobile OA system will certainly help enterprises to make further progress in management.

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