Mobile easy version 0.2.0 release, support SMS and push, release mailing list


Increased functionality

  • Add 253 SMS platform interface, only need to register 253 account to send SMS verification code;

  • Add a push SDK integration, and you only need to register a push account to push;

  • Modify swagger UI, add Chinese support, and realize online API Chinese prompt;

  • Add log printing instance to controller class;

Document reference

Project website:

Code Hosting:

Open source China (main site)
GitHub (backup site)

Technology blog:

company website:

Mailing list enabled

Welcome to the mailing list: [email protected] .

Application method:

1. Subscription application method: send any email to [email protected] After receiving the reply automatically, click the link or reply according to the prompt to complete the application;
2. When you have any questions, you can send an email to this mailing list address [email protected] That is, everyone in the list will receive an email for discussion;
3. Unsubscribe by email to [email protected] To unsubscribe;
4. When you need to obtain the problems and solutions before joining the mailing list, you can query the mailing list Archive: 。

Usage standard

1. The e-mail title must be able to simply describe the type and scope of the problem. It is forbidden to use single words such as question, bug, error, etc;
2. E-mail content should show the problems encountered with pictures and texts, and the mailing list without email content will be deleted;
3. For errors and bugs, you need to paste the printed information. It's better to copy and paste text files to facilitate other people's search in the future;
4. Try not to use QQ email as far as possible, you may not receive email.