Mo Tianlun’s selected documents in October~


Many times, when we go to read, we need to select what we want from a large number of information. Therefore, we sorted out 8 excellent documents according to the reading and downloading amount of Mo Tianlun documents in September.

Part I: my career growth path: Gai Guoqiang

This document comes from the first chapter of Oracle Performance Optimization and case selection. It is a review by Mr. Gu Guoqiang, who recorded his Oracle technology path.

Selected parts of the article:

Each of us has done countless thinking and learning in the process of learning and growing up. Most of the time, we just record these experiences and processes in our own mind, which may be blurred and forgotten when the situation changes. If the records are summed up, they can not only help other people, but also make a record of ourselves. Of course, it has to pay, but I firmly believe that there will be gains if there is pay.

As a senior DBA, you may find that the problems we dealt with 10 years ago are no different from today’s. For database operation and maintenance inspection day by day, SQL optimization should deal with full table scanning or implicit conversion, which takes years. So we have an ideal, do not let DBAs repeat these endless work, or at least be able to do more valuable, and strive to be able to change users in the process of using the database, often after the fire.

From experience to specification, from specification to rule, this is the embodiment of higher value of DBA work. When we can solidify our experience into SQL, algorithm or program, we can help more people. I think that as long as each of us can work a little bit in the field we are familiar with, we will be able to work together to make our industry a little better, and thus our world a little better.

Part II: Oracle GoldenGate practical project summary

Mo Tianlun's selected documents in October~

GoldenGate is a high-performance software used to collect, transform and deliver data changes of online system database to another data end, providing bidirectional data replication based on logs. GoldenGate can ensure that the core business system runs 7 * 24 hours, associate all data of the enterprise, and make the best decision.

Main features and advantages:
Data is real-time and reliable, supporting heterogeneous, high performance and low impact, integrating some functions such as ETL and Weblogic, supporting flexible topology, event based infrastructure, data encryption, deferred application, and automatic memory management.

Topology of data replication:

Mo Tianlun's selected documents in October~

Working principle diagram of bidirectional replication:

Mo Tianlun's selected documents in October~

Working principle diagram of one-way copy:

Mo Tianlun's selected documents in October~


Mo Tianlun's selected documents in October~

Part 3: Yunhe enmo technical communication-201909
In order to share industry cases in time, notify common problems, achieve sharing and prevention in advance, we collated and edited the cloud and enmo technology communication, through the knowledge review of the past period of time, fault induction, in order to provide valuable information for your reference. At the same time, we also hope to be able to gather hot events, new product features and other valuable information to provide you with forward-looking support information and keep an understanding of the latest database news and events, including important database product releases, alerts, updates, new versions, patches, etc.

Selected parts of the article:
According to Oracle’s version strategy, Oracle database 20c will be released in 2020. What new features will be released in this release?

One of the new features:Native blockchain tables
As we all know, Oracle database has the ability to integrate everything. In the past, the ability of continuous absorption includes xmldb, JSON support, columnar storage, memory database, distributed and so on.
In a word, it is the core goal of Oracle to build multi-mode database support with one database. Now blockchain is absorbed. With the support of native blockchain, users can no longer develop blockchain projects through super ledger. Using the function of blockchain in Oracle database, they can insert and query the blockchain like using common tables.
New features 2:Automl – automatic machine learning function
Three new features:Json Binary Representation
New features 4:Persistent memory store is based on the performance improvement of Intel’s persistent memory. Intel’s persistent memory (aoteng) has been released in the first half of 2019, and Oracle will support new hardware more comprehensively
The fifth new feature: the super enhanced SQL macro feature, SQL macro feature, allows developers to implement complex processing through macro definition, and then call macros anywhere in SQL. The implementation of this feature is similar to the function in SQL feature of 12C implementation. SQL macros support two types:
·Scalar – scalar;
·Table – table;
Scalar expression, which can be used in select list, where / having, group by / order by and other statements; table method can be used in from statements. The SQL capability of Oracle 20c is greatly enhanced.

Chapter 4: detailed steps of building DataGuard environment (new method)
This document details the steps of building DataGuard environment (new method), 29 pages in total. Among them, there are not only installation steps, but also precautions. Different color markers are marked at key positions. It’s really very detailed. You can click to have a look if you need!

Document screenshot:

Mo Tianlun's selected documents in October~

Part 5: DBA day
This document describes the working state of DBA in one day with an image map: activity state check, log information check, redo log maintenance, spatial information check, latch information check, waiting statistics, object check, AWR report check, SQL report check, scheduled task check, backup, basic information check, etc.

Mo Tianlun's selected documents in October~

Chapter 6: system file header bad block recovery case elaboration
This document analyzes the case through case description and fault recurrence, and tells which tool should be selected to reply in case of fault, and how to reply in case of system file header bad block. At the end of the paper, a conclusion is made.

Mo Tianlun's selected documents in October~

Chapter 7: parameter specification setting after Oracle 11g installation

The main content of this document is: after Oracle 11g is installed and built, some adjustments are needed to make the database run stably and efficiently. In addition to using manual memory management for the database, the following adjustments need to be made:
1. Parameter adjustment for RAC database
2. Parameter adjustment applicable to RAC database and non RAC database
3. Other supplementary adjustments

Chapter 8: creating and rebuilding Oracle database index v1.5
This document mainly describes: database index creation and index reconstruction changes. Pre change preparation, change implementation process, inspection process of index creation, best implementation process of database index creation, best implementation process of database index reconstruction, inspection after database index creation and reconstruction, fallback process, abandoned index and change completion follow-up.

Document example:

Mo Tianlun's selected documents in October~

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