Mo Tianlun invites you to send an article. It’s a gift~


Mo Tianlun invites you to send an article. It's a gift~
In order to let more technical people have a platform for learning and growth, and to make technical content exchange and sharing more convenient, from now on, motianlun platform specially invites you to publish articles, share learning notes, work experience, etc., to help technical people grow together, and you can get them through participationOriginal book, Jingdong e-card, Logitech suit, Xunlei memberWait for Haoli. Come and join us~

Multiple gifts

The first good gift: forward the activity poster below to the circle of friends to get valueRMB 99 cash gift bag + 5 ink value
Mo Tianlun invites you to send an article. It's a gift~
The second best gift: publish 1 article, you can get399 yuan original electronic technology book + 10 ink value

The third good gift: publish 20 or more articles, you can get20 yuan JD e card + 30 ink value

Fourth good gift: you can get 50 or more articlesLogitech suit + Xunlei member VIP monthly card + original electronic technology book worth 399 yuan + course voucher + 50 ink value, and customize your own columns.

More good gifts can be exchanged for ink value. Click the ink value mall to check the exchange.

Activity details

Activity time: from October 22, 2011 to December 31, 2019;

Participators: technology lovers can participate in this activity.

Article requirements: it can be your own notes, experimental records, collated materials, translated technical articles. If you copy other people’s articles directly or reprint them without authorization, the platform has the right to delete them. Do not post again.

Participation mode:clickpublish an articlethat will do

Prize collection: all prizes will be distributed within 5-7 working days after the activity.

Active egg

1. Among the users who publish articles, the administrator will randomly select lucky ones and give them away every weekExclusive gift bagOh

2. Welcome to upload your previous learning notes, and the administrator will help you createCustomized column, you can push on the top of the platform, interact with the industry’s top stars, and get the exclusive customization award!

Campaign strategy

publish an article。 Create a new article in “motianlun console – article management”.
Mo Tianlun invites you to send an article. It's a gift~

Click here.publish an articleGet involved~

The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Molun platform. If you have any questions, you can contact the administrator wechat emcs007 directly


Motianlun community is to provide one-stop comprehensive services around the learning and growth of data people, and build a unified platform integrating news and information, online Q & A, live activity, online courses, document reading, resource download, knowledge sharing and online operation and maintenance.

At present, many database experts, such as eygle, kamus, Li Zhenxu, Luo Haixiong and lunar, have set up columns in motianlun to share industry knowledge regularly. If you want to share technology, you are welcome to publish your articles in motianlun!