Mklink – C disk cleaning, onedrive synchronization


What is mklink?

Mklink is a very interesting gadget in Windows system. To be exact, “NTFS symbolic link” is a kind of object in NTFS that points to another object in the file system. To put it simply, create an entry for a folder, application and these things again. When it comes to this, do you feel that mklink is very similar to something, that is, the shortcut you think. However, in fact, there are not many similarities between shortcuts and mklink. In essence, mklink is unique to NTFS system, and shortcuts have existed since FAT32 era, and span the three ecology of WLM.

Mklink app 1-onedrive synchronization

As we all know, there is a cloud file system called onedrive in win10 system. By default, Microsoft provides free 5g space. If ordinary people are afraid of the loss of important office document information or the infringement of extortion software, the significance of onedrive becomes important. However, if you spend money to upgrade to office365, they will provide you with 1t cloud disk. At this time, you will find that Microsoft may be afraid that you load more things, resulting in too much pressure on their server. They only set up three places to synchronize.


Obviously, these places are not enough, but onedrive does not provide other places to back up. If we put all the files that need to be backed up in these three folders, these three folders may be very huge or even bloated. So at this time, we need to synchronize other folders here. Mklink provides this function and will not occupy any original space. The usage method is as follows. Just enter the following command in CMD command:

Mklink / D "destination file storage address" "original file storage address"

Principle and three application modes of mklink

The following figure introduces the usage of mklink and three different modes. The / D mode has been introduced. Next, we will focus on / h and / J.



The above figure clearly shows the relationship and differences between various types.

C disk cleaning

When disk C is almost full, we can use mklink / D to process some non system files, so that the files on Disk C can be moved to other disks without affecting their use. The specific operation is to move the files on Disk C to other disks, and then create the same symbolic link folder in the original place. Due to the particularity of this link, It can realize this kind of simultaneous access to the resources stored before the hard disk, which is actually available, which provides a new idea for the expansion of C disk.

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