Mind mapping software simplemind pro on MAC Chinese version


Simplemind Pro cracked version for MAC (mind mapping software on MAC)

Bring you a mind mapping software used by many people: simplemind Mac version. It can move a node alone. Click any connection to move all nodes. This mind mapping software on the MAC supports the export format of PDF, PNG, HTML, TXT, OPML, FreeMind, etc., turning your Mac into a device for brainstorming and collecting ideas and thinking structures! This site provides simplemind cracked version download, like friends do not miss Oh!

  • The unique free layout can sort out your ideas according to your needs.

  • Horizontal automatic layout, very suitable for brainstorming

  • Three additional automatic layouts; Vertical, top-down and list.

  • Almost unlimited page size and unlimited elements. Create as many mind maps as you need.

  • Make multiple mind maps on one page.

  • Use radio or select multiple elements at once.

  • Easily add themes and brothers. Drag, rotate (rearrange) or reconnect topics or branches.

  • Share mind maps as Pdf, image, outline, FreeMind or OPML.

  • Copy outline text and place the entire mind map as text on the device clipboard. (not for iPad / iPhone)

  • Print

  • Adding notes to a topic is ideal for adding long text without confusing the mind map.

  • Add an image or photo.