Millions of users voting applet, how to use real-time database services to achieve automatic data update


In the first half of 2020, we have been waiting for a long timeReal time database serviceOfficially released. The real-time database realizes the real-time two-way communication between the client and the server based on websocket. When the cloud data changes, it immediately notifies all clients to synchronize the data, thus changing the one-way mode in which the client can only request to the cloud on demand or refresh the data through regular polling.

Through real-time database services, developers canEasy and efficientImplementation needs ofHigh real-time business scenariosFor example, instant messaging (customer service), live barrage, multi player games, collaborative office, etc. In addition, applet users can get more timely feedback and smoother experience in the use process, so as to improve the retention and reuse of users. Therefore, real-time database has been recognized and supported by many developers.

In the three months since its launch, the real-time database has helped thousands of developers complete the function development. Some developers have conducted practical exercises based on the development practice teaching video provided by us, and mastered how to develop a video barrage function.Click here to watch the teaching video.

Application case of real-time database

Such an easy-to-use and almost free service, don’t you use it quickly? If you don’t know much about the usage scenarios and effects of the service, the following small cases hope to help you.

Zhihui voting selection – voting function

Zhihui voting selection is a fast voting tool for the public. Users can publish voting, participate in voting and view voting results in this applet.

Conventional database operations do not update data in real time. After users vote, they need to reload the page to see the latest results. By using the real-time database service, the real-time update of voting data can be realized.

  • Automatically receive data update push
  • Front end page real-time update
  • User experience improvement
  • Improve page response speed (no overloading)

The developer of the applet conducted a demo demonstration of the application of real-time database in the voting function. Interested partners can click the text link to read and learn.Voting demo demo > > >

Drop down to the end of the text to experience the voting applet, participate in voting interaction and receive small benefits.

Beiyou sunshine Association – activity dynamic update

Beiyou sunshine association is a wechat applet serving the sunshine Volunteer Association of the school of information and communication engineering of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications. It provides members of the association with a mobile Internet platform for real-time understanding of the association’s dynamics and registration activities. Through the real-time database service, the status of association activities on the applet can be automatically updated without manual refresh by users, so as to provide members with a better use experience.

Fishbone information – instant chat room

Fishbone information is a content service platform for sharing technology and the future. The platform also creates a simple multiplayer online chat room so that friends with common interests and hobbies can communicate and learn together. The basic functions of chat room realized through real-time database service, including real-time sending and receiving of messages, member online and offline notifications, etc. At present, the chat room is still in the simple version stage, and the function will be upgraded in combination with the business in the future.

Voting benefits

In many business scenarios, which one do you think is applied most? You are welcome to vote. The deadline is 18:00 on November 6. If your choice is the application scenario with the largest number of votes, you can contact Xiaoyun with the voting screenshot to receive a $50 real-time database voucher. In addition, we may also output development tutorials for application scenarios with the largest number of votes. Scan the “Zhihui voting selection” applet below to participate in the voting ~

Millions of users voting applet, how to use real-time database services to achieve automatic data update

It is our original intention to let developers develop small programs faster, and it is our determination to make enterprise business grow faster.We will also make efforts in message push, data analysis engine, visual editing page, operation tools and other services to provide enterprises with a product matrix covering the growth of the whole link. If you have other needs, you can leave a message at the end of XiaoyunProduct roadmapTell us by submitting requirements or adding customer service wechat xiaoxiaoyun (minsupport4). Thank you very much for your continued support~