Microsoft Windows major upgrade: Windows 10 20h1 18963 internal test update push


Today, Microsoft pushed the update of windows 10 18963 for the 20h1 quick preview channel. There are many contents in this update, including the functions of task manager video card temperature monitoring, virtual desktop rename, etc.

Microsoft Windows major upgrade: Windows 10 20h1 18963 internal test update push

In this update, Microsoft added the temperature monitoring function of the video card to the task manager, which enables many game players to get rid of the third-party software to monitor the status of the video card, and directly understand the working status of the video card through the task manager.

Users who often use virtual desktop often forget the function of their different virtual desktop. This time, Microsoft added the rename function of virtual desktop to help users quickly enter different virtual desktops. However, at present, this function is only available to 50% of users of the quick preview channel. In the future, it will be decided whether to retain this function according to the situation.

In addition, Microsoft has also adjusted the optional function options in the settings. The adjusted optional functions allow users to install multiple optional functions. At the same time, they can also be arranged by name, size, installation date and other options. In addition, Microsoft added more text descriptions for the dependencies of each optional function. In addition, you can now add optional functions and view the history through the pop-up dialog box without leaving the main page.

In this version, the mouse cursor speed is also added to the setting options, and users can adjust the mouse cursor speed according to actual needs.

In addition, the Notepad function, which has been highly praised by users, has been adjusted in previous versions. Microsoft said that the Notepad function will be updated through the app store in the future. In addition to these, Microsoft has also optimized and adjusted traditional Chinese input method, picture of the head in Windows account and windows search.

The above is about Microsoft Windows big upgrade: Windows 10 20h1 18963 internal test update push. I hope it can help you. Developer continues to release more information. Welcome to pay attention.