Microsoft win11 preview made a change, a button to change the default browser settings


According to MS poweruser, some of Microsoft’s previous initiatives in Windows 11 have caused a lot of controversy because it makes it difficult for you to set the default browser to any browser other than edge.

After a lot of protests and policy changes, Microsoft seems to have changed its mind in the latest beta version of windows 11, which now allows users to set the default browser to their preferences relatively easily.

According to deskfinder, windows 11 build 22509 now has a new button in the “standard application” part of settings – application, which allows you to easily set the default browser for your device.

This is certainly not completely liberalized, but it’s better than setting each protocol as your favorite browser.

It should be noted that this button only sets HTTP and HTTPS access as your preferred browser options. It house learned that, for example, Microsoft will still view PDF, which is opened by edge browser by default.