Microsoft win11 edge pop-up warning, trying to prevent users from downloading Chrome browser


According to windows latest, Microsoft’s latest helpless move will annoy some users in order to let people use chrome based edge browser on Windows 11. When Windows 11 users try to install Google Chrome browser using chromium based edge, Microsoft now shows them a warning notice.

In two stable versions of windows 11 and Microsoft edge, we found a new pop-up warning trying to prevent users from downloading Chrome browser.

As early as the launch of windows 10, users preferred chrome or Firefox to Microsoft edge on windows, which led Microsoft to redesign the browser using the chromium open source engine. Now, edge is a more attractive web browser, but Microsoft is still trying to prevent you from using other brands of browsers.

Microsoft has found another way to prevent users from downloading chrome – this time a new message pops up in the edge toolbar asking you to continue using edge for better security.

As you can see in the screenshot, this “Safe Browsing message” pops up in the stable version of edge. It is only for users who visit the chrome download page, so if you try to install Firefox, Vivaldi or opera, you won’t get the same reminder.

“Microsoft edge runs on the same technology as chrome and has Microsoft’s additional trust,” the message wrote.

It also includes a button called “use browser safely now”, which redirects users to a web page, emphasizing edge’s performance, security and other advantages over other browsers.

This message will not appear on most user devices that use edge stably at present (unless they are part of the A / B test group). In the test, we observed that the notification prompt is triggered by the server-side update, so it has nothing to do with the version number of windows 11.

It is also worth noting that this warning will also appear when users try to access Chrome’s download page using any search engine (Bing or Google itself).

Of course, the new warning of windows 11 will not absolutely prevent users from installing chrome, but the message is obviously to dissuade users from trying to download chrome, which is less secure than edge (according to Microsoft). This can be considered misleading by some people because the two browsers use almost the same basic technology.

Interestingly, Microsoft edge’s warning dissuasion is currently unique to windows 11, so windows 10 users will not see this reminder, at least for now.

Google did the same thing (to some extent)
Although Microsoft’s approach is immoral, let’s not forget that Google has already used a similar strategy against its competitors.

Google has been using its popular service to warn people not to use edge browser. In early 2020, Google quietly updated the security warning of its Chrome web store to remind edge users to switch to chrome.

Similarly, when you visit Google services such as search, Gmail or drive, the advertisement of “switch to chrome” will still appear.