Microsoft Win10 RS6/19H1 Preview Versions: Channel Officially Opened


July 24: With the release of Windows 10 Build 17713, Microsoft reset Skip Ahead Jump Preview Channel and moved all Windows Insider tests from Skip Ahead to Fast Ring. Now Microsoft has finalized a major version update of Windows 10 RS5. But Microsoft says that once they are ready for a new branch, they will open the Skip Ahead channel again.

Microsoft officially announced that Skip Ahead is now open! Windows Insider members can now select “Skip Ahead” for the next feature update in Windows 10. Note: Only a limited number of Insiders are allowed to participate in Skip Ahead. Once the number limit is reached, Skip Ahead will be closed.

Microsoft will release an early version of Skip Ahead Ring, which will be extremely unstable, so it is not recommended that you set the main device as Skip Ahead Ring. According to Microsoft’s previous announcement, Fast Ring members will receive a new version from the RS5_RELEASE branch and Skip Ahead users will get an updated version from the RS_PRERELEASE branch.