Microsoft SQL Server 2012 installation instructions


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 installation instructions



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Microsoft SQL Server 2012It’s a powerfulMySQLdatabaseManagement and development tools. New editionMicrosoft SQL Server 2012 not only continues the powerful ability of existing data platform, but also fully supports cloud technology and platform, and can quickly build corresponding solutions to realize data expansion and application migration between private cloud and public cloud. Compared with previous generations, the new version of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 adds and optimizes many new functions. New support for data interaction from different network environments, comprehensive self-help analysis and other innovative functions. At the same time, for big data and data warehouse, SQL Server 2012 provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions from TB to hundreds of TB. What’s more, it optimizes many functions of the old version, such as enhancing SQL azure. Users now backup data from the copy service to windows azure, and the upper limit of azure database is increased to 150g. Enhanced the audit function, users can customize the audit rules, record some custom time and log. However, the most important point is that the new version of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 fully supports the operation of big data. 2012 will cooperate with cloudera, a Hadoop provider, to provide Linux version of SQL Server ODBC driver. The main cooperation content is that Microsoft develops Hadoop connector, that is, SQL server has stepped into NoSQL field. For more features, please see the introduction below.No needSQL Server 2012 enterprise and new serial number


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1、 It’s a good ideaInstallation reminder

Because what Xiaobian provides isOracle 10g image file, so many users may not know how to use, do not know how to use users, please see the following tutorial

1. Right click “SQL Server 2012sp1-fullslipstream-x86-chs” image file, and then click “open with WinRAR”


PS: no winrarCan be downloaded here

2. Then click“ setup.exe ”You can start the installation


2、 It’s a good ideaSQL Server 2012 installation tutorial

1. First, operate according to the prompts above the small series

2. Preparation before installation


3. To view the basic requirements of installation, users can skip it directly without viewing


4. Select the location shown in the following figure


5. Enter the product key and product serial number. The user can choose one of them at will in the introduction below


6. Check “I accept” and click “next”


7. If yes, you can click “update” directly


8. Install the program files


9. To install the program, click “next” after installation


10. The default status is OK, click “next”


11. For the function selection, we suggest to select or default to avoid the situation that the installation cannot be used


12. After installation, click “next”


13. Set the instance name and storage path. Because the file is too large, it is recommended not to select the system disk for installation


14. Disk space requirements


15. Configure the server. If the user needs a password, you can directly set the password here


16. Database engine settings, where the SQL administrator and authentication mode settings


17. Specify settings for the administrator of the analysis service


18. Select the mode selection of reporting service


19. As shown in the figure below


20. Specifies the name and directory location of the controller computer


21. Preparation for installation


22. Start installation


23. Installation completed



3、 It’s a good ideaSQL Server 2012 uninstall tutorial

1. Click “computer”, and then select “control panel” in the open interface


2. Click “uninstall”


3. Click Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and then right-click “uninstall”


4. After selection, the program will prepare


5. The installation rules will be checked after preparation


6. After the check is successful and there is no error, you can select the function to be deleted


7. The order of deletion is

Select instance

Select function

Delete rule

Ready to delete

Delete progress


7. Until the deletion is complete








4、 It’s a good ideaserial number