Microsoft Remote Desktop Chinese version


Microsoft Remote Desktop Chinese version
IIS7 remote control:
1. The latest version of IIS7 remote desktop management in Chinese is a professional remote desktop management tool, which updates the original 09 network remote desktop management. Compared with the previous version, it is more convenient to operate. It can remote multiple servers at the same time, and can switch freely between multiple servers without any pressure. IIS7 remote desktop management can save, edit and delete your remote server information.
2. IIS7 remote desktop management has an intuitive interface designed for all types of users, which is easy to deploy and use in the enterprise environment. One click Import server information.
3. Other features of IIS7 Remote Desktop Management:
A. It has grouping function, and the servers under each grouping can be seen at a glance.
B. select the format of the imported text, completely eliminate the occurrence of coding errors.
C. add a single server manually and add a new server easily.
D. support feature search and locate the server with features in one step.
E. the expiration function reminds you that you don’t need to worry about the overdue and non renewed fees.
F. optimize the re import function, and import the server information with one click.
Related introduction:
Microsoft Remote Desktop is a little late to tell the truth. Microsoft’s RDP is basically standard. It’s very convenient to control the computer.
The windows system originally has the function of “remote desktop”. You can control other windows computers or use them as the controlled end without installing additional software. Now use Microsoft’s official Microsoft Remote Desktop. Even under Android, IOS and MAC systems, you can connect and control the desktop of windows remotely. Similarly, you don’t need to install additional software on your PC.
Now Microsoft’s remote desktop has Android and iPhone versions, which can remotely control the computer in the room to complete any operation depending on the living room sofa or outside! This is very useful for many people, especially the lazy! In terms of work, although it is not easy to operate a mobile phone remotely connected to a computer, it is also very useful in case of emergency.