Microsoft releases win7 SP1 / win2008 R2 emergency repair patch kb4099950: fix network card problems (download address attached)


April 4 news according to relevant media reports, Microsoft recently released a new emergency repair patch (patch No. kb409999 50) for win7 Sp1 and win2008 R2, and in the patch corrected the problem that the new network adapter (NIC) replaced the existing network card as the default setting, resulting in the failure of normal network connection! What’s going on?

Download address:Click here to download

If the above bug occurs, the static IP address setting will be lost, which may exist in both the physical network card and the virtual network card created by VMware. The update released today fixes the problems in the previous two updates, but users need to note that before installing the patch kb409950, you must install the previous two updates kb4088875 and kb4088878, otherwise the installation will fail.

However, it should be noted that although Microsoft has fixed the above problems in the new patch just released, two updates of kb4088875 and kb4088878 released by Microsoft must be installed in advance before installing the patch kb409950! Friends in need can download relevant patches through the address in the article now.

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