Microsoft releases kb4023057 patch to promote windows 10 update


Techweb reported on August 29 that according to windowslatest, Microsoft has re released windows 10 patch kb4023057, which mainly helps users upgrade to windows 10 update or later version in May 2020.

Microsoft releases kb4023057 patch to promote windows 10 update

Microsoft said the re released patch improved the reliability of windows update itself. In addition, it can free up disk space on the computer by compressing files in the user directory, which is a common practice.

When this update is installed, this patch will make more space for windows update and prepare future system versions for users’ computers, including may 2020 or later.

Windows 10 kb4023057 was first released in 2018. Microsoft has pushed this specific update many times in the past. This week, Microsoft modified the update package and reissued patches to consumers to modify these components.

· Expediteupdater.exe

· Qualityupdateassistant.dll

· Sedplugins.dll

· Uhssvc.exe

· Unifiedinstaller.dll

After applying this update, users will receive a new notification to clean up disk space. You can also manually select “free space now” in the setting interface to solve the storage problem.

If the user makes an error when installing this patch from windows update, the user can directly uninstall the kb4023057 patch (installed patch), and then refresh the update assistant. The patch will be installed successfully. Of course, users can also hide this update.

Microsoft also launched this update to prepare more machines for windows 10 version 2004 and the upcoming version 20h2.