Microsoft pushes 2019 win10 update may 18362.295 cumulative patch kb4512508 (with update content)


Microsoft 2019 windows 10 update may version cumulative update patch came in August, windows 10 build 18362.295 official channel push, the specific patch model is kb4512508.

Microsoft pushes 2019 Win10 update May version 18362.295 cumulative patch

Unlike previous versions, windows 10 kb4512508 only provides security fixes and improvements. This update brings greater security to Internet Explorer, uwp edge browsers, and Bluetooth.

Here are the updates:

Microsoft said it had improved the security of its core functions, including the keyboard, mouse, Microsoft edge and Bluetooth.

Microsoft fixed an error that prevented business devices from starting when they were connected to a MIT Kerberos based domain.

It also includes Microsoft scripting engine (a Windows service for executing VBScript and JScript), windows storage and file system, and security update of Microsoft Jet database engine. It also fixed the security problems of windows kernel, Windows Linux, windows input and combination, Windows Data Center Network and several other core components.

Finally, a new security patch is being introduced to Internet Explorer and the classic Microsoft edge browser.