Microsoft officially stops pushing and updating version 1703 of win10 Mobile


Microsoft just pushed the cumulative update patch of windows 10 mobile 15254.575 official version, namely windows 10 mobile 1709 version. According to the Convention, this time it does not contain any new functions, mainly bug repair and stability improvement.

        Unfortunately, there is no new update on Windows 10 mobile 1703 Version (build 15063. XXXX). Microsoft noted that technical support for windows 10 mobile 1703 and its enterprise edition expired on June 11, 2019. As a result, there are no new monthly safety and quality updates.

Windows 10 mobile build 15254.575 appears on some mobile phones, such as lumia 950, lumia 950 XL, lumia 650. The patch includes security fixes for Microsoft edge, windows kernel, Microsoft graphics component, windows app platform and frameworks.

“Windows 10 mobile version 1709 will arrive at the end of service on December 10, 2019. Devices running Windows 10 mobile and windows 10 mobile enterprise will no longer receive monthly security and quality updates with the latest security threat protection, “Microsoft said in a support announcement.