Microsoft officially released windows 11, which supports Android applications and is developer friendly


Microsoft officially released windows 11, which supports Android applications and is developer friendly

Author: Panos Panay, chief product officer of Microsoft

When PC plays an increasingly important role in our life, windows 11 aims to bring you closer to what you love.

Windows has always been the stage of world innovation. It is the cornerstone of global enterprises and helps many booming start-ups become household names. The network was born and multiplied on windows. Many of us wrote our first email here, experienced the first PC game and wrote the first line of code. Windows is a place where people create, connect, learn and achieve extraordinary things. Today, it is a platform on which more than 1 billion people rely.

We shoulder the responsibility of designing for everyone and can’t be taken lightly. In the past year and a half, the way we use PC has changed incredibly. We have changed from integrating PC into life to trying to integrate the whole life into PC. We can not only use equipment to hold meetings, study and complete work, but also play games and watch favorite programs with friends. More importantly, we can use equipment to contact each other. In this process, we found that we have reshaped the social networking in the office, chat in the corridor, exercise and fitness, happy hours in the bar, festival celebrations and so on. These activities have become digital.

We see and feel that PC has undergone a powerful transformation. It has changed from a practical and functional thing to a personal and perceptual thing. This inspired us when building the next generation of windows. We are committed to creating a familiar platform for you where you can create, learn, play and, most importantly, connect in a new way.

Today, I have the honor to introduce you to windows 11, which brings you closer to your love.

Redesigned for productivity, creativity and ease of use

Microsoft officially released windows 11, which supports Android applications and is developer friendly

We have simplified interface design and user operation to stimulate more creativity while enabling productivity. The new windows is more modern, clean and beautiful, refreshing. Whether it’s the new start button and taskbar, or every sound, font and icon, it’s all carefully designed to give you free control and bring you a more calm and relaxed feeling. We put the “start” key in the center to make it easier for you to find what you need quickly. With the powerful performance of cloud and Microsoft 365, the start menu will show you recent documents. No matter which platform or device you have viewed before, even on Android or IOS devices, the start menu can give you a glance.

Microsoft officially released windows 11, which supports Android applications and is developer friendly

By providing the flexibility of multiple windows and the ability to parallel applications, windows has been committed to helping users complete tasks as they want. In Windows 11, we have introduced new paste layout, paste group and virtual desktop features to help you handle multiple tasks at the same time and focus on what you want to accomplish. These new features are designed to help you organize windows and optimize screen space so that you can view content on demand in a clean and tidy layout. You can also create a separate virtual desktop for life and work, and customize it according to your preferences. Let’s imagine that on a PC, you can have virtual desktops for work, games or learning.

Microsoft officially released windows 11, which supports Android applications and is developer friendly

Windows 11 is no longer complex, simple and efficient.

Quickly connect with people you care about

Microsoft officially released windows 11, which supports Android applications and is developer friendly

Another key to bringing you closer to your loved ones is to bring you closer to your loved ones. Over the past year and a half, we have established more meaningful connections through digital means. Even now we gradually return to meeting and communication, we hope to continue to help everyone maintain a close connection wherever they are, without being hindered by devices or platforms.

With the release of windows 11, we are pleased to integrate chat * based on Microsoft teams technology into the taskbar. Now, whether on windows, Android or IOS platforms, you can connect with all your contacts in real time through typing, chat, voice or video, anywhere, on any platform or device. If the people you communicate with have not downloaded the teams app, you can also contact them through two-way SMS.

Through teams, windows 11 brings you a more natural way to contact your relatives and friends. You can turn on and off the mute mode directly in the taskbar, or start a demonstration.

The best everWindows PCGame experience

Microsoft officially released windows 11, which supports Android applications and is developer friendly

If you are a gamer, windows 11 was born for you. Games have always been the cornerstone of windows. Today, hundreds of millions of users around the world play games on Windows system, enjoy the happiness brought by games, and connect with their relatives and friends through games. Windows 11 can fully release the potential of system hardware and make some cutting-edge game technologies available to players: DirectX 12 ultimate can bring exciting immersive picture experience to players at high frame rate; Directstorage can provide faster loading time and finer game world; And auto HDR provides players with a wider color gamut and more vivid colors, bringing real fascinating visual enjoyment. In addition, our commitment to hardware compatibility remains the same – Windows 11 supports any PC game accessories and peripherals you like. With Xbox game pass for PC or Xbox game pass ultimate * *, players can access more than 100 excellent PC games and other new games constantly added at any time. Moreover, whether on PC or game console, you can easily find other players to play together.

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Get the information you care about faster

Microsoft officially released windows 11, which supports Android applications and is developer friendly

Through the widgets * function, windows 11 enables users to know the news and information they care about in a more timely manner. Widgets is a personalized prompt function driven by AI and Microsoft edge browser with excellent performance. Even when we are most focused on creation, we need a break – communicating with the outside world or relaxing our spirit. Nowadays, we often use mobile phones to view news trends, weather changes or news notifications. But now, you can open a similar management view directly on the computer desktop. When you open the personalized prompt box, it will slide on the screen like a piece of glass, which will not affect your work. For content creators and publishers, widgets open up a new space in windows for them to create personalized content. Our goal is to create a dynamic creative channel for all brands and creators around the world, so that consumers and creators can benefit from it.

all-newMicrosoft Store, your favorite apps and entertainment items are gathered here

The new Microsoft Store is a trusted platform where you can explore applications and watch, create, play, work and learn related content. The redesigned Microsoft Store is faster and has a new design that is beautiful and easy to use. We will not only bring you more applications, but also make it easier for you to explore and discover all content, including applications, games, video programs, movies, etc. In addition, we are also pleased to welcome many excellent first-party and third-party applications to the Microsoft Store, such as Microsoft teams, visual studio, Disney + *, Adobe creative cloud, zoom and canva, which will bring you wonderful entertainment, inspire inspiration and keep you connected with others. The applications in the Microsoft store have passed the safety and family protection test, and you can download them safely.

We are pleased to announce that we are introducing Android applications to windows for the first time。 Later this year, you will be able to find Android apps in the Microsoft Store and download them through the Amazon app store. Imagine that you can record and publish videos on tiktok, or use Khan Academy kids for online learning on your computer。 In the coming months, we will share more information about this. We look forward to working with Amazon and Intel using Intel bridge technology applications.

Create a more open ecosystem to unlock new opportunities for developers and creators

We are taking steps to further open the Microsoft Store and provide more profitable opportunities for creators and developers. We let developers and independent software developers (ISVs) launch their applications, whether Win32 applications, progressive web app (PWA), universal windows application (uwp) or any other application framework, and we will create an opportunity for them to contact and interact with more users. We also announced a gradual reform of the revenue sharing policy. Application developers can introduce their own business model into the Microsoft Store and retain 100% of the revenue. Microsoft does not charge any fee. Application developers can still use our 85 / 15 competitive revenue sharing model. We believe that creating a more open ecosystem will ultimately benefit our customers – giving them safe and smooth access to the applications, games, movies, programs and online content they want and need.

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