Microsoft and Qualcomm secretly make trouble: win11 arm does not support M1 mac


Microsoft refused to provide windows 11 for Apple M1, M1 pro and M1 Max MAC based on ARM architecture. Now we may know the reason – Microsoft has reached a secret and exclusive agreement with Qualcomm.

According to XDA developers, due to the previously unknown transaction between the two companies, arm based windows can only be provided on Qualcomm SOC devices.

Two people familiar with the transaction told XDA that the agreement “will expire soon”, but did not specify when it will end. At that time, other chip suppliers will be able to produce arm windows devices, and may let Microsoft provide win11 arm on Apple’s M-series Mac.

Mac equipped with M-series chips does not support boot camp, and Microsoft also said it cannot install win11 arm. But at present, macs equipped with M-series chips can experience win11 arm through virtual machines.

Another evidence is MediaTek’s statement. Last week, MediaTek announced that it would launch chips for the windows on ARM market. Although the plan is at an early stage, it also indicates to a certain extent that the win11 arm market will usher in a series of changes in the future.

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