Microservice design pattern — Overview (notes)


Microservice design pattern -- Overview (notes)
The modes are divided into three groups:

  • Infrastructure related mode: Infrastructure related;
  • Application infrastructure related: application level infrastructure;
  • Application related mode group;

Mode decomposition

Service splitting mode

  • Decomposition mode according to business capability
  • According to the subdomain decomposition mode

Communication related

  • Communication style
  • Service discovery
  • reliability
  • Transactional messages
  • External API

Data consistency

Solve distributed log and data consistency;

Query data

Solve the problem of obtaining data from multiple service data sources;
Cqrs: command query responsibility isolation

Service deployment

How to deploy microservices;
Edible virtual machine, container, serverless technology;


Understand and diagnose the microservice architecture, including:

  • Health check API
  • Log aggregation
  • Distributed tracking
  • Anomaly tracking
  • Application index
  • Audit log